Chelsea players kneel to support fight against racism

The death of George Floyd has sparked a social revolution in the United States against racism, a movement that has had numerous supports in the rest of the world, including soccer itself.

Several Bundesliga players celebrated their goals by displaying shirts supporting Floyd, who died in Minneapolis as a result of police abuse, last weekend. Liverpool also wanted to pay tribute to the 46-year-old African American by sharing on their social networks a snapshot of the kneeling squad in protest under the slogan #BlackLivesMatter, once promoted by Colin Kaepernick, once quarterback of the San Francisco 46ers and icon of the fight against racism.

This Tuesday, the Chelsea squad has joined the movement and has posted a photo of the squad kneeling on the ground in their networks as a vindication of everything that has happened and the racial injustices that unfortunately still occur throughout the planet . The players and members of the coaching staff have formed an 'H' in reference to humanity.

Meanwhile, protests in the United States have caused Donald Trump to use the army to try to restore order after the altercations that have been repeated these days in several American cities.

“We want to use our position to express that we are living in a world where we have to try to improve it for the future, to be a better world with more love, without hate,” explained César Azpilicueta in a statement from the club.

“We have recently seen the result of racism and we see every day that such hatred must be eradicated from society, and we have to play our part.”

“Every day there is the possibility of leading by example, behaving, educating children in a better world because we know that education is key to the future.”

“We know that the young generation is coming after us and we want to leave them in a better world with more possibilities without any type of discrimination or racism, so everything matters and it is time to speak up and face the attitudes that we have are seeing. There is no place for all this. “

“Chelsea is a club that leads by example, always at the forefront in the fight against racism and all kinds of discrimination,” added Azpilicueta.

“We are very proud to be part of Chelsea and to take action when we participate in any campaign. We want to try to help in whatever way we can. It is part of our values ​​and we take it very seriously ‘’, Azpilicueta concludes.