Chelo backs down and apologizes after the epic crack against Mediaset: “My mouth and pot went away”

Not even 24 hours have passed but the socialite has retracted her viral rally against the Mediaset leadership, which has put an end to Save me after 14 years on the air. Chelo Garcia Cortes It manifested itself for the first time this Thursday and it did so with a heated plea that melted social networks and became a Trending Topic in a few minutes. Now he retracts: “Sometimes it is better to be quiet. Yesterday my mouth, the pot, went away, and I have to apologize because in the heat I said things that … I did not have a good time tonight.”

The journalist has intoned the ‘mea culpa’ after a few hours of reflection: “I have been in this channel for almost 14 years, I have learned a lot and I have to apologize, when you are wrong, you have to accept it,” she said. “I’m very proud to be on this network, on this show and… Sorry, I talked too much.”

Some apologies that have left the followers of the evening program stunned, the same ones who enthusiastically applauded the poison-laden darts that Chelo launched live and cheered by his colleagues: “This is one of the biggest business aberrations. You are not going to teach us nothing, because we will continue doing what we want,” he said. “You are so wrong, that the public not only loves us, but every day they give us more audiences. I don’t know if we will go to Congress or to the Community of Madrid, but you don’t know what television is. This is television!”

Now several theories arise: is Chelo really sorry for what she said? Or is she terrified of getting on the network’s banned list? Has she been touched from the dome?