Chayo Mohedano laughs at his veto in Mediaset: “They can’t talk about me, but because I won a trial”

The new leadership of Mediaset entered making powerful changes. The blacklist of banned characters who are totally forbidden to talk about in any of their programs is well known, including that of Rosario Mohedano.

However, the daughter of rose benedict y Amador Mohedano clarifies that her veto does not come because the chain is no longer interested, but because she and her husband, Andres Fernandez Martinezthey have “won in court”.

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“We have a sentence that they cannot talk about us, but because we have won a trial, it is not because they suddenly veto me. I win a trial and one of the clauses is that they can no longer interfere with me or my husband”, she explains in an interview with Semana.

It should be remembered that the fight of Chayo and her husband against La Fábrica de la Tele, producer of Save me, began in 2019, when Andrés filed a lawsuit against the program for showing a mugshot of him on the screen. A few months ago, the singer and her husband were victorious and the producer had to compensate them for revealing confidential data of the latter in various programs. as we count from Informalia“the figure is around 180,000 euros”, they told us. His demand helped open the door to investigation of Operation Deluxe.

Despite all the damage that he says has been caused to him since the program he presents Jorge Javier VazquezHe doesn’t hold a grudge against them. “I am not spiteful, but now I learn absolutely from everything that life puts in front of me. I am happy loving my loved ones and forgetting those people who could have hurt me,” settles the niece of Rocio Jurado.