Charo Reina celebrates half a century of career in top form: “In four years I have lost 43 kilos”

Depression took her out twice in her life, but now, again with that incombustible energy with which she began to take over the stage at the age of 14, a Charo Reina At 64, he once again shines with determination and passion in his profession. The Sevillian folklore is celebrating 50 years of her career and the Peña Primera Plana wanted to recognize it with a Mandarina Award that this Monday she received excitedly: “That they give me this distinction fills me with joy, pride and satisfaction, which for “That’s what I’m a queen and I can say the phrase!” she joked with amusement, before nostalgically remembering her parents, to whom she dedicated the award because, she said, “they lent me their wings so I could fly and they themselves kept my wings.” children. Thanks to them I was able to achieve my dreams and dedicate myself to what I like and spend a lifetime on constant tour.

A life that is now just as frenetic as it was in the beginning, as Charo shared: “I am in a wonderful moment, I do not stop working, I am making a lot of films, yesterday I was in Blanes, at the International Film Festival where I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress; now I’m going to present a short film, in October I have another movie. In the last two years I have made four films, five or six short films,” said Charo, who acknowledged that her secret to continuing to succeed is. “fight, perseverance and a lot of humility.”

Proud of her current state, as she recalled that in the past she had “a depression that led to terrible agoraphobia and it took a long time to undergo treatment,” she now states that she is “happy” and “very strong emotionally.” “And I have lost 43 kilos in four years!” he boasted, before acknowledging that on a psychological level he had a lot of support “because when you are sick you have to seek help and there are great professionals who are dedicated to that. But thank God I am now very well and working a lot, which is what I like the most. And I will do Zarzuela again in the summer at the Teatro de la Latina.”

Charo, who has been without a known partner for years, seems to have not closed the doors to love, because when they asked him if he wanted to fall in love, he said: “Love? Who knows…”. What is clear is that this is her moment and the one she has been loving and caring for for a long time is herself. “You have to get up every day with a smile, look in the mirror and say: ‘Let’s move forward, tomorrow God will tell’. Here I am looking forward to everything,” she said with resolution.