Charles of England points out wars and climate change in his second Christmas speech as King

This Monday, King Carlos III claimed the tolerance as a universal value during a Christmas speech in which he alluded to the “increasingly tragic” times due to the existing conflicts in the world, with the war in Ukraine or the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip as a backdrop.

The British monarch has urged the population to put themselves in the shoes of their neighbors, while also pointing out that it is essential to build bridges between different beliefs and religions through understanding.

“The words of Jesus seem more relevant than ever: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These values ​​are universal, uniting our family of Abrahamic religions and other belief systems in the Commonwealth and beyond,” he said. underlined.

“The Earth, the only home we all share”

Likewise, King Carlos III has focused on the “responsibility” that each person has in take care of the environment. “During my lifetime, I have been very pleased to see a greater awareness of how we must protect the Earth and our natural world as the only home we all share,” he added.

During the speech, recorded on Buckingham Palace, The monarch appears in a blue suit and with a Christmas tree in the background, a much brighter shot than last year, when he had to say goodbye to his late mother, the queen. Isabel II.