Charlene de Monaco’s “it’s over” to settle rumors of crisis in her marriage with Alberto

Faced with the incessant wave of rumors about the marital crisis in the Grimaldi Palace, the princess has had to muddle through. “Happy and glad”. These are the two words that Princess Charlene has chosen to describe her state of mind. “There is nothing more important than receiving support and feeling loved.” It is her response, resounding and clear, to stop the constant murmuring about the slump in her marriage with Alberto. It was her way of saying it’s over. The former swimmer expressed herself in these terms in an interview she gave to the French magazine Gala after his long trip to South Africa where he promoted the charity sporting event Waterbike Challenge.

During her trip to her homeland, Charlene also spoke for News 24, a South African television network. In the conversation before the cameras, the princess insisted that “everything is fine” in her marriage; and she disgraced “some media” for persevering in an alleged marital crisis: “It seems they want to see us separated,” El Confidencial claims, citing the TV network.

This visit of the princess to South Africa had revived those rumors of estrangement. Charlene has participated in the race Waterbike Challengea charity event whose proceeds will go to the organization Lifeserved South Africa in collaboration with the foundation that bears the princess’s name. The program is focused on the preservation of rhinos and other endangered animals.