Change of plans for Bilbao Athletic

Change of plans in the roadmap of the Bilbao Athletic. He will not play the playoff to Second division in Murcia. It was the venue that had the most options to host all the encounters of the promotion phase. Everything seemed closed, but things have gone wrong in recent days. As reported Iusport, the Spanish Federation ruled out that Murcia be the scenario due to economic reasons.

Reason why the playoff draw has also been delayed, which in principle was going to be held this Monday once all the classified clubs completed their registration. We will have to wait to find a new location in which this express promotion phase will be played. Two appear on the table. Las Rozas, taking advantage of the land of the Federation, and Marbella.

Until there is a fixed venue it does not seem that the names of the 16 teams that will play the playoff are going to enter the hype. The Bilbao Athletic, as third in their group, they will face another third classified. His rival will start from the following shortlist: Athletic b, Sabadell or Badajoz.

There is still time to thoroughly prepare for the assault on the silver category. The troop of Joseba Etxeberria He resumed work on May 25 and has not yet finished the process of de-escalation of training. The playoff will take place between July 18-26. The Bilbao Athletic will play the first tie on the weekend of July 18 and 19. In the case of continuing, the second would play on Wednesday 22 and the final final would take place on Sunday 26. Three games separate the cubs from returning to Second division four years later.