Champions: Valencia, crushed by Atalanta in silence | Champions League 2019




The Celades team, weighed down by two penalties, have no options to overcome against the effectiveness of the Italians in a Mestalla glido

Kondogbia tries to get the ball against Ilicic in a match with the empty stand for the coronavirus.

The bronze figure of Vicente Navarro could not head from one side to the other before the two rude diakhaby mistakes that ended up expelling Valencia from the Champions League. The sculpture of this faithful follower that symbolizes the power of a historical hobby was the only witness in a strange, strange, silent game in the stands and with one voice in the field: that of Atalanta. Coronavirus, isolation, closed door, everything played against the Valencian team for an attempt to comeback that ended before starting. (Narration and statistics)

Some 2,000 Valencianists skipped the sentence and encouraged his team where the authorities left him, on the outskirts of Mestalla. But in the guts of the field a soul was missing that the club tried to can. The roar sounded through the loudspeaker, but football is its people. And last night he was speechless.

Despite the tireless chants over the loudspeakers, each hit of the ball, each order and each protest echoed, remembering that a health crisis had removed key elements of the pike. And the worst thing is that perhaps even Valencia could not have tilted a beaten marker since the cursed game of San Siro.

Valencianism cannot look for culprits of the elimination outside the grass. As in the first leg in Milan, the comeback was crushed by own mistakes almost from the beginning, when Diakhaby tumbled to Ilicic in the Atalanta's first attack. A penalty against in minute three that the Italians did not miss. If Valencia needed a perfect defense match to maintain their options, they made it clear that it is no longer in their nature too soon. And what I found in the patch of Coquelin a central to the height.

More adapted to the disappointment surrounding the duel, Atalanta managed better until the weight of history to peek into quarters among the top eight in Europe. Celades's men had a hard time finding the tickle of a rival who has them. Had tried Rodrigo with a long shot, but who managed to equalize was Gameiro after 20 minutes taking advantage of Palomino's oversight.

They started to take his pulse when Diakhaby cut a ball with his hand in the area and Ilicic, again from the penalty spot, started again on the way to the break.

With removal in the air, Celades I risked. Feel the young and unfortunate central French to look for the powder of Guedes. Gasperini had already dispensed with midfielder De Roon, with problems in one eye, to give entrance to Shoe. All or nothing.

In his fight not to drop his arms, Gameiro hooked Valencia again with the second goal in the center of Ferran. It was the youth squad who turned the scoreboard by sneaking between the Italian centrals to catch a long ball from Parejo. If there was no qualification, unless there was victory.

But Ilicic was not willing to consent. The Slovenian set out to leave Mestalla with the ball under his arm and leaving an indelible mark. He made a left-footed shot against Cillessen to tie and a fourth goal as icing. Valencia, expelled from the Champions League in a gray and silent way. With eight goals against you do not compete.

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