Champions: The mind games of Klopp, the unknown Gimnez and the relief for not seeing Alisson, the executioner of Rome | Champions League 2019

Liverpool – Athletic (21.00)



After the last security meeting, the party will be open door. The Atlético will return fans who have decided not to travel to Liverpool as a precaution to the price of the tickets

Jurgen Klopp, during Liverpool training.

Late on Tuesday, following the security meeting between UEFA and the Liverpool authorities, held in Anfield, it was confirmed that the match against Atlético would be open-door and the two fans could fill the renovated stands of the Red Stadium. The rumor had been very intense throughout the day, but the final decision, despite the threat of the coronavirus, was that the show continue. For anyone who had not yet traveled from Madrid, and decided not to, the Attico will refund the price of their entry.

Until then, the only requirement to be able to cross the doors of the compound (at least for journalists) was to complete a simple form about recent destinations and possible symptoms. A 'NO' was sufficient in the corresponding box. While in Paris or, last night in Valencia, the voices of the players resounded in the corners of fields without public.

For Jurgen Klopp, the people of Anfield, are vital to push the Attic to the precipice. In addition, he knows that the inexperience of the rival in such an imposing scenario can be a bullet. “Some players from the Atlantic have not played in a stadium like Anfield and hopefully we can use the environment to our advantage,” said the German coach yesterday, with the uncertainty then latent about the set and the soundtrack of the match. If 'The Kop' and its parishioners don't recite 'You'll never walk alone', Liverpool is a little less red.

Klopp is an expert in such psychological games because in Germany, always fighting against the tide against Bayern, he has had to resort to them. Just like in England, where he has run into Guardiola, who, this time, will descend from the throne of the Premier. A milestone for Liverpool (he has not won since 1990) and a milestone for the competition, since it is normal for him to become the earliest champion in history.

At the main entrance to Anfield via Walton Breck Road, the first thing you come across is the statue of Bill shankly with arms always pointing at the sky. “He made people happy,” says the marble foot that supports the imposing bronze figure. Also Klopp, just a few months ago, made his people happy, after reconquering Europe for the sixth time. And the same happened to Simeone, which made the Attic feel important again and brushed the sky with the tips of his fingers up to two times.

The four-way

“Tell how we are going to play? I think it is clear how we can play,” admits with a smile the Argentine coach, who has sustained a good part of his success over the famous four-way team. From 'Onda Cero', they assured that the plan was to locate Gimnez in the middle of the field with Thomas, Koke and Sal. Maybe that was his rabbit from the hat. But a setback in training, where the ankle was twisted, has been able to end an experiment that I already tried, for example, in Leicester (2017), where the charra formed with Gabi, Koke and Sal. The fourth leg of the medulla be probably Marcos Llorente.

At least, Simeone and his boys will not have to face the Brazilian again Alisson, injured. For many, he is simply a great goalkeeper or one of the most expensive in the Premier. But for Atlético it is a kind of ogre, the germ of the first rojiblanco bump in the Champions League (17/18). On a hot September night in Rome, pair balls by land, sea and air. And Atlético, despite signing one of their best European games, left with a 0-0 that ended up being decisive for their fall to the Europa League. The parapenaltis Adrin San Miguel will be the last

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