Champions: Lewandowski: 38 goals in 32 games | Champions League 2019



The 31-year-old Polish forward is two goals away from matching his record for last season still in the month of February

Lewandowski, in training in London.

Long live the Allianz the tension of seeing how the Bundesliga colista had matched twice as many places. The chrono touched the minute 90 and the Paderborn was going to score in the temple of the most successful club in Germany. Suddenly, in a center to the area appeared the tip of the foot of the 'killer', the usual, of the nine, of Lewandowski… The ball embraces the nets of the goalkeeper as many other times and seals the victory to continue at the head of the table. There are players whom the ball appreciates when they touch their leather with the borcegu and mark at their destination the most precious thing about football: the goal.

With 31 years (this summer 32), the Warsaw natural attacker is living an extraordinary campaign. The ink is transformed into the names of Haaland, Mbapp and the new generations that both future (and present) have. However, Robert's soul must be very valuable to the devil if he continues to enjoy his blessing. So far this season, he has scored 25 goals in 23 games of the Teutn domestic tournament, in addition to three others in the same number of German Cup matches. But this year, Bayern's 'crack' thinks of the Champions League. Their figures are spectacular: 10 points in five European participations. Or, put another way, the tip goes out to double celebration for every continental battle. A total of 38 goals in the 32 occasions that have played this course minutes.

Chelsea knows better than anyone else, than to receive the killer at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday. Lampard He wonders why the ball of the draw matched them with the giant of Bavaria. The Black Beast is more beast than ever and signed an immaculate group stage with six wins out of six possible. The only club that has achieved it this year. Probably not telling Frank with Kepa as has been happening lately. The punishment of the legend 'blue' in Spanish seems related to its performance. Surely the Basque goal would prefer to have nightmares with the performance of his opponent than the absence of sleep caused by the lack of confidence of his technician.

Around Robert, disbelief is as great as his ability to score. Anyone will observe small details in their game that will denote a physical slump, but it keeps coming before the defenders kiss the leather to cheer the fans of the southern star. Lewandowski ages as good wine. It is only two goals to match the 40 that sum last season and we have not yet reached March. He has been surpassing quarantine with his club since 2015/16 and his best record was 43 in 47 matches the following year.

The good of 'Robciu' does not care if he has to play for one coach or another. Recently, he commented in an interview with 'The Guardian' that the perfect one will be a mix between Klopp Y Guardiola. It is your opinion, but the important thing is not that. The capital part of the matter is that the perfect forward is l and not so much who directs it, Jrgen in Dortmund or Pep in Mnich. He was born with one goal: to score goals and he doesn't care about the technician and the question. What do you think Ancelotti, Bob? The answer is goals. Y Sagnol? Again, goals. We recover Heynckes? Goals and more goals. So many, who has surpassed Jupp himself to be the fourth historical scorer of the Bundesliga, with 227 points.

In November, Hans-Dieter Flick assumed the pressure to manage the staff of Bayern and continues today when he pointed to interim. And no, the killer doesn't care the least. He goes his way. The secret of eternal youth was written in the language of Marie Curie Y Copernicus. It is not known if, how at the beginning of this course, continue breaking records like the one of the most Bundesliga matches. I reached 11 consecutive dates and converted 16 times. That amount of so many in those league matches is another brand with the Polish team. He had the signature for more than 50 years of antiquity of one such Gerd Mller. Almost nothing … and goals, as always, goals.

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