Champions League Final | Liverpool last minute

Madridismo clings to the connection between the two to lift the
14a Champions League tomorrow in
Paris. The connection that the young Brazilian and the French have formed, both culminating the best season of their respective careers,
Come on (21 goals and 20 assists) and
Karim Benzema (44 goals and 10 assists), have catapulted the
Real Madrid to the championship
Liga already at the end of the
Championswhere tomorrow the first will look for his first
Champions and the second, the fifth in his record.

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Klopp dominates the scene like no one else. With just hours to play the biggest game of the season, he looks relaxed. He wants to convey that he has everything under control and that the defeat against Real Madrid in 2018 will not condition him:

“We have more reasons to win than to take revenge on kyiv. We do not forget that night, but that circumstance does not only have to matter to us, ”she reflected in the prelude to tomorrow’s clash.

These were all his words.

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Real Madrid is used to winning finals, especially in the European Cup. Ancelotti, however, does not relax:

“The best I played was with Milan, against Liverpool, in 2005. And we lost. Anything can happen. We had time to prepare well for this game, we arrived in good condition, but I don’t know if it will be enough to win”, argued the Real Madrid coach, who reiterates that to win in Paris the team still has to deserve it.

Here is his press conference.

Carlo Ancelotti y
Jürgen Klopptwo of the most prestigious coaches in the world today, had never faced each other in a final throughout their long career on the bench before the
Liverpool-Real Madrid this Saturday at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

| This is the duel Ancelotti vs. Klopp: who has won more times?

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For the end of the
Champions League, the analyst and former player,
Wolf Carrasco analyzes several fundamental points ahead of tonight’s big match in
St Denis.

The keys to the final in Paris, by Lobo Carrasco

Liverpool – Real Madrid | 21-22

Manchester City 0 – 1
Chelsea | 20-21

PSG 0 – 1
Bayern Munich | 19-20

Tottenham 0 – 2
Liverpool | 18-19

Real Madrid 3 – 1 Liverpool | 17-18

Juventus 1 – 4
Real Madrid | 16-17

Real Madrid 1 (6) – 1 (4) Atletico Madrid | 15-16

Juventus 1 – 3
Barça | 14-15

Real Madrid 4 – 1 Atletico Madrid | 13-14

1 | Liverpool y
Real Madrid they will fight for
3rd time in the European Cup/Champions League finalthe most repeated final in the history of the two competitions together.

2 | Carlo Ancelotti wants to win the
Champions by
4th timemore than any other coach in the history of the competition (after the one he achieved in the
02-03 y
06-07 with the
Milanand the
13/14 with the
Real Madrid).

3 | Karim Benzemawho will be 34 years and 160 days old on the day of the final, could become the
second-oldest player to score in a Champions League finalafter
Paolo Maldini with the
Milan in
2005 (36 years and 333 days, also against Liverpool)

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It is not known precisely what are the reliable arguments that win a Champions League. They are always explained later, never before. It is evident that the winner is usually the one who has best managed the details, normally uncontrollable.

It is not possible to draw a final only on the board.
Klopp He said that the Champions League was from the heart and he is right. Others call it character. Today’s game will show that: which team has players with more character.

📰 | The end of the character

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Paris hosts tonight (9:00 p.m.) the match that decides the champion of the
Champions League 2021-22 and that faces two football greats,
Liverpool y
Real Madrid. A final that takes place for the third time in history, more than any other in this tournament, and in which there is no clear favorite as usually happens in matches of this level. Of the two precedents, each team took a victory.

📰 | Liverpool – Real Madrid: a final for history

Group stage |

Inter 0 – 1
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
1 – 2 Sheriff

Shakhtar 0 – 5
Real Madrid

Real Madrid 2 – 1 Shakhtar

Sheriff 0 – 3
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
2 – 0 Inter

Round of 16 |

PSG 1 – 0
Real Madrid

Real Madrid 3 – 1 PSG (return)

Quarterfinals |

Chelsea 1 – 3
Real Madrid (ida)

Real Madrid​ 2 – 3 Chelsea (2nd leg)

Semifinals |

Manchester City 4 – 3
Real Madrid (ida)

Real Madrid 3 – 1 Manchester City (vuelta)

Group stage |

Liverpool 3 – 2 Milan

Porto 1 – 5

Atletico Madrid 2 – 3

Liverpool 2 – 0 Atletico Madrid

Liverpool 2 – 0 Porto

Milan 1 – 2

Round of 16 |

Inter 0 – 2
Liverpool (ida)

Liverpool 0 – 1 Inter (return)

Quarterfinals |

Benfica 1 – 3
Liverpool (ida)

Liverpool 3 – 3 Benfica (return)

Semifinals |
2 – 0 Villarreal (first leg)

Villarreal 2 – 3
Liverpool (vuelta)

Liverpool has eliminated on his way the
Inter in eighths, to
Benfica in quarters and
Villarreal in semifinals. The
Real Madrid, meanwhile, has completed a film path to reach the grand finale. The team of
Ancelotti eliminated in the round of 16
PSGin quarters to
Chelsea and in the semi-finals
Manchester City.

Florentino Perez y
Alexander Ceferin faces have been seen tonight in
Paris for the first time since April 18, 2021, the creation of the

The failed project led by the president of the
Real Madrid has caused a dispute with the
UEFA pending resolution in court and also the wrath of its president, who has harshly criticized his Madrid counterpart over the last year.

📰 | Florentino-Ceferin reunion in Paris

The final will be played today,
Saturday May 28at at
9:00 p.m. at the Stade de France. Until then, we will be reviewing everything that happens until this magnificent European final begins.

meeting can be seen on television through the channel
Movistar Champions League, as well as in
TVE’s La1. In addition, you can also follow live on the website of
Sports world.

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