Champions: Klopp: “I don't know why Atlético plays like that” | Champions League 2019



“Adrin is a great goalkeeper and I want to insist on it,” he says of the performance of the Sevillian, who made serious mistakes at 2-1.

Klopp, incredulous, in the Anfield technical zone.

No one like Jrgen Klopp seemed so affected by last night's defeat at Anfield. The German, great architect of Liverpool's last glorious stage, the trend-setting coach in Europe, got down on his knee at Diego Simeone's strategic approach. So he went to the press room serious and acknowledging his disbelief at the elimination of the Champions League. Before attending to the journalists, he tripped and was close to falling. The metaphor of defeat.

If I said what I think of the Atlantic it would sound like the worst loser in the world … I am the worst person when I lose, that's why I get angry, the coach slipped, who does not agree with the style of Simeone and who threw a poison dart last night: I do not understand why the Athletic, with the quality that some players have, like Koke or Sal, plays football in this way. He could make good football, but he prefers to stay behind and counterattack, he explained on BT Sport's microphones.

Klopp indicated that during the last two years, in which they have reached two finals, Liverpool also had lucky moments, but that last night everything turned against them in the decisive moments. Especially in the action of 2-1, with the two clamorous errors of Adrin San Miguel.

“Too late”

He is a great goalkeeper and I want to insist on it. Although he had made a bad decision when backing up, then it was also necessary for Llorente to score. To concede a goal is part of the game and it did not have to influence, but that moment changed everything, regretted the former coach of Dortmund about the decisive action of his goalkeeper.

After listing all the virtues of his team, which in his opinion played exceptionally, Klopp again criticized the Simeone system. It is very difficult to play against such a team. We accept it, of course. The boys have made a great effort against world-class players, who defend with two lines of four. The only bad thing is that we scored the second goal too late, he concluded.

“We deserve to pass”

In a similar line, Jordan Henderson expressed himself, replaced by Fabinho in the first part of the extension. We deserved to pass, based on the full performance, so obviously we are very disappointed, the Liverpool captain said.

We had already gone through experiences like this, so we know how important it is to stay focused until the end, because any mistake can cost you everything, he analyzed, not to mention Adrin San Miguel, errat under the sticks in Marcos Llorente's two goals.

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