Champions: Guardiola falls apart with Madrid: “In the Champions League there is no one like them” | Champions League 2019



“It is always a pleasure and an honor to return to this field,” says the City technician after running almost without praise for those of Zidane.

Guardiola, during his press conference at the Bernabu.

In a quarter of an hour, what was delayed before the microphones in the Bernabu, Pep Guardiola sent so many messages of praise to Real Madrid that anyone would have thought that it was his speech of taking possession on the white bench. “It is always a pleasure and an honor to return to this field. It is one of the largest in the world and I want to enjoy it,” the Manchester City technician began.

“In this competition there is no one better than them,” Guardiola said about the club that overwhelms the Palmas of the Champions League. In his opinion, the “magnitude” of Madrid in Europe affects each of its players. “Every player knows the weight he has in this competition. Whoever comes here knows that not winning the Champions League is a small big failure,” said the former Barcelona coach.

In another of his English responses, he referred to Real as “the king of this competition” and defined Zinedine Zidane as “one of the greatest players of all time.” As for his work in front of the white wardrobe, Pep was also very explicit with the French: “What he has done in Europe will not be repeated. Or it will be very difficult.”

After this storm of praise, it was not very clear what should be the role of the City, a club with an immense economic muscle but that has not even stepped on the Champions League semifinals with Guardiola in front. “We are convinced that we want to play against them. Know if we can live up to it,” he said. nope de Santpedor.

Almost six years after his last visit, then at the head of Bayern, nothing had to do with the character of the Spanish coach. “This Madrid is much more aggressive and supportive. They press ahead and the game still has it. They play very well. We will try to defend the strengths they have,” Guardiola said.

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