Hard defeat of the Valencian team in San Siro against an opponent who took advantage of his offensive fervor

Atalanta players celebrate one of the goals scored in San Siro.


State of grace The Champions League does not look at pedigr or palmars, it only rewards who honors football, prays more daring, prays more content, but always effective. The Atalanta It has sneaked into the big ones in Europe with those clear rules. The team does not give up Gasperini to make history and endorse a defeat to Valencia that today is his antithesis. Why you can't always survive by force of arrests and self-esteem. (Narration and statistics 4-1)

The Atalanta storm soon began to blow and Valencia did not know how to contain it. In tromba, as if listening to the touch of outburst, was launched in search of Domenech's goalkeeper. The Gasperini team plays prose: direct, suffocating in pressure and very accurate.All without giving up the ball, which always goes through the comps of Papu Gmez, the player who carries the bugle.

From the first mistake of the Valencian defenseman, he could not take advantage because the auction at the mouth of Pasilic ran into the hand of the Valencian goal. In the second there was no mercy. Hateboer took advantage of Gay's dismissal to hunt the center of the Argentine captain who took a walk in the area and began to pick the tie when he had just begun.

The Italians tore off their offensive machine leaving Valencia breathless, which took many, many, minutes to overcome. I couldn't find the balance between dressing the Mangala-Diakhaby couple and looking for tickles at the same time. an opponent who is lethal in attack but not infallible. And if there was a clear order, it was to try to leave San Siro alive.

Ferran Y Guedes they were the soloists to whom the task was entrusted. Talent and speed to counteract offensive exuberance. However, both salt flipped in each crash. The defensive aids prepared by Gasperini worked and, while his defense was wrapped, that of Valencia showed a hole on the right that left Hateboer and Ilicic again and again with advantage over Gay.

The men of Celades, more experts in European duels, fang was missing, fearful perhaps of seeing the rival display towards his Achilles heel. Kondogbia and Parejo multiplied to cover water you forget that every ball that ends at the feet of Papu Gmez It was closer to Jaume Domenech.

The message from the bench was to defeat fear and insist. In the 30th minute Ferran Torres smashed a ball in the crosshead That made them wake up and believe. Then he tried Guedes with a center-shot that almost pushed Mangala to the Gollini net. The illusion that the duel could be equalized, that the exchange of blows could also bruise the Italians, appeared for the first time … and hardly lasted.

Gasperini had sought the mobility of Pasalic and Ilicic in the area. It was the way to convert every doubt of the Valencians into a step closer to the quarterfinals. The stride reached the edge of the break when the German found only the powerful Slovenian in the right corner of the area to beat Jaume with a powerful shot.

How to stop Atalanta? The answer was not found by the boys of Celades while those of Brgamo continued to search tirelessly for the goal. It is their nature and they are not willing to give it up. Every time Valencia creca, which found Ferran or a liberated Soler, a pazo arrived. Freuler gave the first, Maxi responded from the small area to the body of Gollini and finished Hateboer fattening a marker that made up Cheryshev.

The tie arrives very unbalanced to Mestalla, as an uphill that this depleted Valencia contemplates as an Everest. And meanwhile, Gasperini plays the rooms giving up a central to put more gunpowder in attack. Maybe soccer is for the brave.

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