Cesc Fábregas: “It’s over between Monaco and me”

The Catalan announces that he will not continue in the Principality and is looking for a new team


The Spanish player Cesc Fábregas announced this Friday that next season he will not continue wearing the colors of AS Monaco and that he is looking for a new club where he can enjoy himself after having gone through the “worst season” of his sports career.

“It’s over between Monaco and me,” said Fábregas in statements to ‘So Foot’. “It’s the worst year not only in my career, but also in my life, because when I’m not happy in football, I’m not happy in my life. I suffered a lot this year, and it was tough mentally. You just have to stay strong. But sometimes things happen for a reason,” he added.

“I’m thankful that it happened at 35 years old instead of 25 when I was at the height of my career. So if you look at it that way, 19 years old, almost 900 games and having won almost everything, it could have been worse. “Said the man from Areyns de Mar, who arrived at Monaco called by his former teammate Henry, where he had a bad experience as a coach.

Asked if there is any possibility of extending his contract, Cesc assured that “no”. “No, for sure it’s over between Monaco and me. My contract expires next June and I’m looking for a new start. My head needs a new start somewhere else,” he stressed.

In this sense, Cesc admitted that he has already received some proposal in another direction. “To be honest, I’ve already had two or three phone calls in the last two weeks from some of my former coaches asking what I wanted to do, to see if I wanted to join them this summer as a coach,” he said.

“But this year has been so bad that I can’t finish it. Not after building this career. I want to keep playing. I’m thankful for the career I’ve had, but I don’t feel like it’s over. I just want to enjoy my football and keep playing. being competitive on some level,” he said.

“I’m open to everything, I just want to have fun. After this year, I just want to play and enjoy my football. The place doesn’t really matter, it’s more my head that counts,” said Cesc Fábregas, who has barely played two games Liga this campaign.

“When I’m fit I feel great, when I’m training with my teammates I don’t feel any different when it comes to passion for the game, it’s just about finding the right project and doing it. I’ll look for a new project and see where I go.” carries the future,” he concluded.