Cervera: “We are going to try to beat Rayo with our weapons”

Resumption of the competition. “Since this started, this day seemed very distant, but time passes and, although it has been monotonous, we are already a day and a half away from playing a very important match.”

Insufficient preparation. “The teams need more time training together, preseason games, we need to make mistakes to correct and those things have hardly happened. We will all make the same mistakes, but hopefully we will be the ones with the most success.”

Template status. “The break we have had has been different from any other. Some players have been better than others, none have been good. In normal conditions they all start the same, but you have to look at the physical state, that there are games every three days, and some they will be able to play more games than others. “

Low. “Sure we have Cifuentes (sanction), Garrido, Filip Malbasic, Marcos Mauro and Sergio González. There are two or three with discomfort, but we hope to have them.”

The rival: Lightning. “I know the type of team that Rayo is, but I don't know if they are going to have a rhythm, if the things they will try are going to come out. They have a lot of ball possession, they get the ball into the opponent's area without using space… if they It works well they will make us run a lot, but that does not mean that we are winners or losers. Each one has his weapons and with them we are going to try to win. “

Play without hobby. “It is strange, but we have to defend a first position and a very nice possibility of fighting to be next year in First Division. The rest must be forgotten.”

Matches every three days. “Second teams are not prepared to play every three days by their own nature, because there are players who serve that purpose and others who do not. This category will have a hard time assimilating it.”

Shield / Flag Cádiz

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