Cerezo and the signing of Mbappé: “Mighty gentleman is money”

Roberto Gómez grabbed the microphone at 12:04 minutes. In the room of the Santander bank located in Recoletos, 19, Madrid, there was no room for anyone else. The seats are full. And not in any way, with dozens of people with emotion in their eyes and legs full of titles, sports. They were José Antonio Camacho, Iker Casillas, Fernando Morientes, Toni Grande, Diego Rivas. And also Enrique Cerezo. And also dozens of political representatives. At the table, to the left of Roberto Gómez, Vicente Del Bosque, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and Santander’s director of media, online marketing and event sponsorship, Felipe Martín. Two things in the air. The bottom line. The reason everyone had gathered there: the presentation of the ‘Vicente Del Bosque Football Academy’which will be held in Mallorca from June 28 to July 2, a global sports and values ​​training project with 12,000 students.

“This is what it is about transmitting internationally. Vicente represents values ​​that must be had and taught to all boys and girls. This campus is a reference that is going to be held in Mallorca in the summer so that these boys and girls can enjoy an event that will be a reference in the world”, stated Felipe Martín, from Santander, by way of presentation, before Roberto Gómez would once again grab the microphone and look at the public.In addition to being a presenter, he would be a journalist. and Cicero. Filling questions about the Champions League final that Real Madrid and Liverpool will play in Paris on Saturday. The first to speak was Enrique Cerezo. Then Camacho, Morientes, Casillas and Juanfran would do it, who arrived at 12:14 and sat down with the others, with a wink from the mayor, a confessed rojiblanco and who did not intervene until the end.

FUTBOL 2022 Del Bosque and Cerezo at the presentation of the Vicente del Bosque campus.

Cerezo: “I give the Atleti season a 7. Or not, better an 8”

Campus: “Vicente, collaborating with you is always a pleasure. And even more so if you are accompanied by many people from Atleti (referring to the mayor). Keep working like this to educate a child from the beginning: the important thing is that they study and then football”.

Atletico season: “I always say at the beginning that for Atlético a good season is to be among the top three, that’s a good role. Good Champions League, go far in the Cup. All the objectives were met well. With ups and downs, like all teams. I put a 7 or an 8, more shooting at 8”.

Morata: “As far as I know, he has a contract and I don’t know if he’s coming. It depends on Juve.”

Paris Final: “I was invited but I can’t go. That day I’ll see a good movie on TV: ‘Paris is worth a love’.”

Mbappe: “That you ask me if I was going to sign for Real Madrid hurts me. A powerful gentleman is a gift of money. I have not followed him closely. There is a difference between crying and shooting himself in the head. Asking LaLiga why he presents a complaint, you will have your reasons”.

Louis Suarez: “He has been a magnificent player at Atlético de Madrid. He has had two magnificent seasons, the first in which he was champion of the League, and he is much loved and admired at Atlético. He is a person who when he leaves in a month will have his well-deserved tribute. I haven’t spoken to him because he’s not in Madrid”.

Camacho: “This year’s comebacks will go down in history”

What are you going to do on Saturday? “Logically, to see Madrid win.”

Final 1981: “41 years have passed since that final in which I was about to score, I was the one who had the most opportunities! Then we were able to be UEFA champions twice. What if you remember that defeat a lot later? two days you think of another”.

Paris: “He’s going to win. Not because I’m a madridista but because they have a run in finals that I think will continue. The team won LaLiga well, and it’s not easy, and in the Champions League they have eliminated the three strongest. And with comebacks historic ones that will go down in history”.

Liverpool and result: “It’s the most repeated game in history. I’ll settle for a 2-0 for Madrid. If something goes wrong, it’s 2-1. Two Spaniards score.”

Morientes: “I sign below the values ​​that Del Bosque represents”

Forest: “I was under his orders and it was a real pleasure. I sign under the values ​​that he represents. In a locker room you have to have a right hand and especially a left hand. Del Bosque represents them all”.

Final: “It’s hard to say favourite. The way Madrid arrives distresses the rivals. I take both shirts but my heart is white. There will be few Spaniards in Madrid but the ones that exist are very good”.

Juanfran: “Atleti? It’s not easy to be champion year after year”

Forest: “He was in charge of the quarry when I was at Madrid, at the base. I can only say good things about Vicente. You deserve everything that has happened to you in your two careers. I have only received good things from an athlete like me of a person like you.”

Athletic season: “I always try to see my Atlético with good eyes. I wish we could have finished a little better. We came from being champions last year, it is not easy to be champion year after year”.

Final: “We’ll put the TV on depending on the result at the last minute. I don’t have a favourite. Madrid are coming strong, the three qualifiers have been important”.

Casillas: “Courtois has reached an important maturity”

Forest: “I’ve known him since I was eight years old. People think that football, success, is from one day to the next, but behind all that there is a path, those people around you who also suffer with you, many hours, your parents there, It rains, it’s hot. Móstoles was 22 kilometers away, with infrastructures that are not what they are now.”

Final: “The Champions League is Madrid’s fetish competition. It almost doubles the second in European Cups. For us it is a special motivation.

FOOTBALL 2022Roberto Gómez, Vicente del Bosque, Almeida and Felipe Martín at the presentation of the Vicente del Bosque campus.

Courtois: “He is the best in the world without a doubt. He has consolidated himself in the last two years, with an important maturity that he transmits to the rest. If you have a goalkeeper like that, everything is easier”.

And after them, and Toni Grande, it was the turn of the table to speak, Vicente del Bosque and the mayor of Madrid. The former thanked his person, his values, for so much compliment, although he argued: “I’m not perfect”, something he explained with an anecdote about Morientes and the match in which he had him 45 ‘warming up on the band . “Years ago I couldn’t tell without turning red,” he said, though he did turn a little red. Morientes refuted his story. How pissed off he went next to him. “And the next day he was at the door of the locker room at eight in the morning to ask me for forgiveness.” “It’s that the players who when you change them make gestures, throw the bottle, show that they’ve been pissed off, when they know that the cameras are following them… I never liked that,” said Del Bosque.

Del Bosque: “Ancelotti represents Madrid’s values ​​very well”

Final: “I think we’re going to win, Madrid have come through three very difficult qualifiers. I think they’ve hooked people, and I think they’re starting as favourites, but we have to be careful”.

Ancelotti: “It seems to me that he represents the values ​​of a Real Madrid coach very well, he knows how to handle press conferences well, the representation of the club is perfect, he has known how to treat all moments with moderation”.

Modric y Kroos: “They are two fantastic players in every way, team players, with individual quality, moderate in their statements. They are fantastic examples in every way.”

Finals 1981 and 2000, 2002: “We were well surrounded at that time, we had a group of very good players, a mixture of foreigners and Spaniards, people from the academy and from outside, they made a good team. In the 1998-2002 season it was a winning inertia, we picked up the heritage of the previous champion, Heynckes because it was the most celebrated, it was a great feeling, the other two came in a slipstream”.

Almeida: “I went to the Calderón to shout: ‘Cerezo we want your neck'”

Casillas: “Casillas always liked me a lot. His stops were something else… (laughs)… Especially at the Calderón (laughs). Because I used to go to the Calderón and yell at Cerezo: “We want your neck” (laughs). , and the audience laughs at the same time; the relationship between the Madrid president and the Atletico president is close and intimate).

Athletic President: “Here I go, but I’ve talked to Enrique and he tells me to wait twenty years (laughs).”

Athletic season note: “I’m with the president. The team has been among the top three. I give it a 7.5, it’s difficult to be there. Simeone? As far as I know, he has a contract and Atleti respects contracts. Is that how you speak as president, right? ? (looking at Cerezo, between laughs)”.

Suarez: “You have to thank him for his two years at Atleti. The first for LaLiga and, the second, also for his behavior, with a role he wasn’t used to. I give Cunha my vote of confidence for next season.”

Transfers: “I pay my subscription so that there are signings…”.

Paris Final: “I am accompanying Madrid. I am delighted to go to Paris with Madrid as the proud mayor of this city, that there is a team with 13 Champions, but everyone knows my colors, it would not contribute anything if I put on the Madrid shirt “.

Cybele: “We have already prepared the security device, with more than 200 municipal police, the traffic cuts.”

Result: “Madrid wins 1-3. I have little doubt that Madrid wins. Experience is a degree and I wouldn’t trust Madrid even when I was in the locker room.”

Mbappe: “Don’t get me into that mess… The day before I was with some friends and I took it for granted that he was coming. State clubs unbalance the competition. That’s why the agreement I had with Madrid has not been respected, they play with an advantage over rest. He had an agreement and agreements must be fulfilled”.

Forest: “We have all said it and none of us have exaggerated. Del Bosque represents values ​​that we all praise. Look, a shirt that I would wear would be Del Bosque’s…”.