Celtics open road trip with 132-126 overtime loss to Warriors

Celts lose 132-126 in overtime to start their road trip.

They lost 132-126 because the Golden State Warriors scored 11 more points in the fourth quarter and 6 more points in overtime.

During that time, Curry scored seven points and the Celtics only made two field goals (a Brown layup and a Horford three).

Another loss was caused by an offense that wouldn’t move in crunch time. Trayce Jackson-Davis was fouled with 2:34 seconds left in regulation.

Jrue Holiday (13 points, 7 rebounds) made two free throws to give the Celtics a three-point lead.

After that came the three-point attack. Klay Thompson (24 points) made a three to tie the game, and Derrick White then made one of his own.

After making 11 of 21 shots, Steph Curry scored 33 points and scored three of his own to tie the game at 121.

The Celtics then missed five field goals that would have won the game. They kept hitting the offensive glass, but nothing went in.

White missed two three-pointers during that stretch, as did Tatum, Brown, and Horford. Brown missed a finger rolling layup, and Horford lost control of the tip-in.

The Celtics had an opportunity for a win at the end of the game after Curry missed a shot that would have tied the game, but Tatum missed a three-pointer that would have won it. In extra time, Golden State won every game.

Even though the two teams are far apart in terms of where they stand in their conferences, the Warriors from Golden State still have the Boston Celtics’ number. They came back from being down 17 points to win 132-126 in overtime.

Though the Celtics played well in the first three quarters, they slowed down in the fourth quarter, just as Stephen Curry got hot for Golden State.

Only Derrick White (30 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks) was making shots from deep (7 of 18) that night, while just Jaylen Brown (28 points, 8 boards, 7 assists) was making shots from the floor (10 of 22).

In one of the worst games of his career, reserve forward Sam Hauser made none of seven three-point shots.

The bench as a whole scored only 27 points, with Neemias Queta’s double-double (10 points, 10 rebounds) filling up most of that total.

It seems like crazy things always happen when the Celtics and the Warriors play. Yes, it did that again in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

There were 13.1 seconds left in the game. Chris Paul got an offensive break on the left side of the court and quickly located Curry open on the other wing.

Golden State came back from being down 17 points in the second half to force overtime in the last few minutes of regulation, which were very chaotic.

Then Steph Curry’s crazy behavior showed up in overtime, which made Celtics fans very sad.

Curry scored seven goals in overtime, which was more than Boston. With 11.5 seconds left, he made a three-pointer that won the game. It’s safe to say that this was one of his silliest buckets ever.

Curry got Paul’s pass all at once and fired a shot soaring into the air, where it went through the backstop to give the Golden State Warriors a 130-127 lead.

What’s more, the shot went so high that some of the ball was out of the TV camera’s view. And the reason for that is that Derrick White fought the attempt so hard.

It was for nothing, though, because Curry did what he always does: he made big shots at big times. That trend cost Boston a loss on this night to start their West Coast road trip.

At the end of the first quarter, the Celtics were ahead 40–30. Jaylen Brown scored 12 points in the first quarter, and Derrick White made 3 of 3 shots to start the game.

Brown scored 28 points by making 10 of 22 shots, while White earned 30 points by making 11 of 24 shots from the field.

In the first quarter, Jayson Tatum hurt his ankle and limped to the locker room. Even though he came back to open the second half, he moved slowly and didn’t want to attack for most of the night.

Tatum scored 15 points, which was the fewest of the season, but he only made 5 of 17 shots from the field.

While he wasn’t playing, Oshae Brissett scored six quick points off the bench to give the team a boost in the first quarter. Neemias Queta played hard for the Celtics for 21 minutes and finished with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

The Warriors scored 15 points in the second quarter to make up for a 10-point deficit in the first quarter. However, the Celtics did manage to take back the lead and went into halftime ahead 65–62.

In the second quarter, the Celtics took over and grew their lead to as many as 17. Steph Curry got his fifth foul in the middle of the quarter on a Brown and One play, so he had to sit out the rest of the quarter.

White scored 11 points in the third quarter, and Brown scored 9, both of them working hard to speed things up.

The fourth quarter was when things changed. The Warriors beat the Celtics 34–25, with Curry and Thompson making some great shots.

Kristaps Porzingis was out for the Celtics with a left calf strain, likely so he could rest before the first game of their back-to-back. Luke Kornet missed his third straight game because of an adductor strain.