Celta 3-Sevilla 4 | Papu dances at the Vigo party

A curious ranking prepared by the ESPN television channel placed Celta as the second most entertaining in LaLiga of the championship, only behind Barça, and the nineteenth in Europe. After the confrontation against Sevilla, the Celts have had to climb several places. And it is that the show offered by both groups was a pleasure to behold, with a carousel of emotions that caught even the least football fans in front of the television.. Without a doubt, it was a good day to attract supporters to the cause of LaLiga.

Not even two minutes had passed when the action began. Diego Carlos deflected a dangerous cross from Brais Méndez from the right side and in his drive to ward off the danger, he was about to score at his own door. Sevilla replied five minutes later through strategy. Acuña's great center in the corner kick so that Koundé flies over everyone and lodges the ball in the net. Seven minutes and Sevilla was already ahead on the scoreboard.

Then Iago Aspas appeared. The moañés turned the game around in less than five minutes. First he transformed the penalty committed by Koundé on Santi Mina and then he culminated a vertiginous against crazyl. The television signal went out at that time and the signal went to Sevilla, which conceded somewhat in a dangerous foul in favor. Those of Lopetegui committed the blunder and Aspas passed his usual bill.

Celta dominated the game and had the score in their favor. But the smiles barely lasted ten minutes, the time it took Fernando to score from outside the area thanks, above all, to the diversion of Aidoo that misled Iván Villar. The fast-paced first half ended, how could it be otherwise, with a new and somewhat spectacular twist of the script. Brais stole in the middle of the field and while Sevilla called for a foul, Denis put the ball in the heart of the area, Aspas let the ball pass and Brais culminated the action that he himself started with an exquisite touch that surpassed Bonor.

He did not slow down in the second half, although there were not as many goals as in the first. Suso tested Villar at the start of the second act and Rakitic again matched the match at the quarter hour. The Croatian took advantage of a center from En Nesyri to beat Villar. Celta responded with two good chances, but Bono denied the goal to Ferreyra first and Aspas later.

The one who did not fail was Papu Gómez. The Argentine had barely been on the pitch for a few minutes when he stole Aidoo's wallet and masterfully defined against Iván Villar. The blow was lethal for Celta, almost as much as the one Ferreyra received from Fernando, a blow that literally split his face and forced him to abandon the precious battle.

Oliver had the sentence in a counterattack at will, but missed the shot and left Celta alive. Coudet's tried, but there was no strength for more. They had been exhausted after so much fighting. The honorable defeat is a goodbye to Europe. On the other hand, Sevilla achieves an epic victory that puts them squarely in the fight for the LaLiga title.

Coudet: “Those who have seen the elbow think it could be a penalty”

Match rating: “We don't like to lose, but the team did very well against an opponent who is a great team. It was a spectacular match for the spectators, we both wanted to win and we went looking. Fortune didn't help us much, especially in the second goal, and in the first it gave me the feeling that the ball had gone out. We could have taken the draw. We have to keep working and improving the idea. We did a lot of things well. In the previous one we had already talked about the fact that there is a big difference between the templates. We sustained the game despite the fact that every time there are changes Sevilla puts in a player who can make a difference “

European options: “It is as if I told you that you have this bit to write and a thousand people have to read it. Later they ask you for ten thousand, you ask if they are going to give you the two central pages and they tell you that you continue with the same bit. We are going to try to have ten thousand readers, but with the same page… I am very happy with what we are doing and we are going to try to win the next game. We cannot think further and not forget that on the eleventh match we were last ”.

Fernando's elbow to Ferreyra: “Generating controversy is useless. I have not been able to see that play repeated. Those who have seen it believe that it may be a penalty. The reality and the pity is that we lost the area striker that we had to try to go find the game.

Santi Mina's injury: “His twin started to get hard. Sometimes I am somewhat drastic, but I have played for many years and it looks like we are surely going to lose it, at least for the next game. Let's see how Facundo is, his septum had come off and the doctor inserted it. Hopefully it will not have consequences ”.

Aidoo error: “We live with the error. Aidoo did not err, we all erred. We are a group. We have to work and there are always things to improve ”.


Ferreyra (26 ', Santi Mina), Luuk de Jong (63 ', Youssef En-Nesyri), Oliver Torres (63 ', Joan Jordán), Alejandro Gomez (66 ', Suso), Fran Beltran (82 ', Ferreyra), Gudelj (85 ', Rakitic), Munir (85 ', Jesús Navas), Miguel Baeza Pérez (85 ', Nolito)


0-1, 6 ': Jules Koundé, 1-1, 19 ': Blades, 2-1, 22 ': Blades, 2-2, 34 ': Ferdinand, 3-2, 42 ': Brais, 3-3, 59 ': Rakitic, 3-4, 75 ': Alejandro Gomez


Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
VAR Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
Blades (9 ', Yellow) Jules Koundé (18 ', Yellow) Hugo Mallo (50 ', Yellow) Diego Carlos (56 ', Yellow) Brais (73 ', Yellow