Ceballos: “When there are Eurocopas and Games, you should look for a team where you feel important”

Dani Ceballos is on loan from Real Madrid at Arsenal. The midfielder has a contract with the white team until 2023. When his loan ends with the Arteta team will have to meet Zidane again and consider their future. At the moment, the Spanish international is anxious for the return of the Premier and demonstrate the type of player he is, after leaving behind his physical problems. The utrerano went through the microphones of Canal Sur Radio.

Without a pandemic, what would you be doing ?: “I wish I could have been focused with the Spanish team to play the Euro Cup this summer. But now we have to focus on the postponed game we had against Manchester City on the 17th, which we had to play before, and we are working to get from the best possible way. “

How have you been confined? “Well, physically I am quite well, I have not stopped training during the confinement, it has been a good time to reset a little and get in shape for when training returns, to be comfortable.”

What do you expect from the return of the Premier ?: “City is not bad to begin with. It is a good time to face them. Then, the Premier is quite clear, Liverpool I think will be champion. City is still alive in the Champions League and will focus on that, although it has enough players to play two, three competitions. “

The competition returns but without an audience …: “Yes, the other day I was listening to Luis Enrique saying that a game without an audience is not a game or anything, it is heard even when you talk to your partner half a meter away. He is going to miss a lot, but it is what is going to play live. It will be different also when you are short of breath and the public gives you that extra energy. And it also motivates me when I go to play outside and the rival's hobby rebukes you “.

“It motivates me when I go to play outside and the rival's fans rebuke you”

A year in English football, what did you think ?: “Anyone who likes football like me would have to come to play the Premier sometime. Football in England is like a religion, it is played every three days because there are two cups, the fans are very respectful, they live it in one differently from Spain. In England you breathe football on all four sides. “

Good start but then the injuries came: “The year started with great enthusiasm, a new challenge, in a great club like Arsenal, from the hand of Emery, who gave me a lot of confidence. But in November, for playing all the games, he was the only one who had played the 17 Previously, there was an untimely injury, the first I have had as a professional, and it was quite serious, I was away for almost three months. Then when I had the opportunity, I made clear my intentions to succeed at Arsenal. “

What does Ceballos expect in the future ?: “The objective is to play the Euro Cup and then the Olympic Games. But it will depend on my season, on whether my injuries are respected and I can perform and then it will depend on whether the coach sees fit.”

When will the best Ceballos be seen ?: “Just before the confinement arrived, I was at a good level. With Mikel, he has a philosophy of play similar to that of City, I felt very comfortable, playing at a great level. But it is clear that my best level is yet to come, everyone says that the player matures from 23 or 24 years old, it seems that Xavi and Iniesta gave their best performance at that age. So from now on it is a good time to say that here is Dani Ceballos who everyone wants to see. “

And next season ?: “When there are Eurocopas and Olympic Games, you have to find a team where you feel important. But the future is now far away, we have been practically two months without playing, with uncertainty weeks ago, so predict what will happen in a month and medium, even the best fortune tellers don't know. “

“When I had the opportunity I made clear my intentions to succeed at Arsenal”

Have you seen Betis games on TV ?: “I could tell you almost all the results of this year, that I have been following him. When you have been in a club for so many years and it gives you the opportunity to be a professional, it is not for less that you support him from a distance from where you are.”

Return to Betis ?: “I will not deny that my team is Betis. It is the team of my loves, the one that has made me grow as a footballer and professionally. The feeling I have towards that club is different from everyone I have been to.”

To restart LaLiga, Sevilla-Betis, what are you waiting for ?: “When you play a derby, having the local fans support you is a very important incentive to win. Now I have seen a statistic that visitors win more, but a derby is special, with or without an audience, and I think whoever marks the The first goal will have a lot to gain. They will win almost without a competition rhythm after almost three months stopped and whoever scores first will have a clear income “.

“I am sure that the future of the national team will be green and white, Fabián and Ceballos. We have a very good feeling”

Without fans it will be different: “Yes, after being used for years to always play with the public, a derby, and face your biggest rival like that, without people, it will be very different. The emotional aspect will do a lot. But I think the players know that when they put on the green-white they have a team in front of them that in recent years has done a lot of damage to you and it is time to vindicate yourself, stand up for yours. “

His departure from Betis was highly commented: “Well, I have never spoken about it, but it is true that the way I left, I left a Betis that fought every year practically for the descent, never near the European positions, and when you get a great offer from a team like Real Madrid and after making a great Euro U21. It was time to take a step in my sports career. “

Do you see Betis in Europe ?: “Right now, realistically, Betis has a team to be in the top six in the Spanish LaLiga. It has very high-quality players, international with their countries in almost every position, they must fight year after year to get into Europe. Betis needs to feel important and in these last two years it is in that dynamic and we hope that it can continue like this “.

“I will not deny that my team is Betis. It is the team of my loves”

What is your opinion of Sevilla from Lopetegui, his former coach ?: “Regarding Sevilla, Lopetegui is a great coach, I have had him in Madrid, he has all the players plugged in, he has a very compact team. This year he has been more blamed for defensive things at specific moments, for putting the team behind with positive results, but if you win everything is forgotten. Julen's season with Sevilla is very good.

What about Rubi ?: “The team, with Rubi, started a bit regular, and then it was improving, but it went against the clock, it was not able to get a good dynamic where it was close to the European places. It is a good moment facing the derby to win it and keep climbing “

He had a memory for the ill-fated José Antonio Reyes: “Yes, it is a photo that can practically be the same, even if it is 10 years ago. A nice tribute for him to remember him as he was, with a smile on his mouth. We have led a practically parallel life, it is peculiar that two Utrera players have played at Real Madrid and Arsenal, it is a coincidence, but we must not stop remembering him, he is a person who has given much to his people, to the national team, to Real Madrid … He has made many people happy, he was a great player and a very good person. “

“From now on it is a good time to say that here is the Dani Ceballos that everyone wants to see”

He was very sevillista …: “Yes, the colors and the derbies were a lot thrown at him, when you play so little when you are and you are in the quarry, you know what they mean for the city.”

Fabián, his ex-partner from Betis: “Yes, I remember this summer that a journalist friend came to see me in London and told me about the projection of Fabián, and I told him that I have known him since he was nine years old and his best level is yet to come. I am sure that the future The selection will be green and white, Fabián and Ceballos, it was seen in the U-21 selection that we had very good feeling, and hopefully we can demonstrate it in the absolute Spanish team for many years, and why not play together in the future “.