Ceballos: “I decided to stay at Arsenal because I'm happy”

Dani Ceballos is very aware of what it costs to get to the National Team and to stay. The Arsenal midfielder was clear that for this he needed to have a leading role, something that he would not have had at Real Madrid.

For this reason, he decided to return to Arsenal, where he claims to be happy under the command of Mikel Arteta.

The Utrera knows that he must fight to be in the Eurocup and that everything happens to have a good performance with his team.

His passage through England

My second season in the Premier. They always say that the first year is transitional, but after the confinement there was a Ceballos that we all expected. As a result of Arteta's arrival, the team got better. I found an unusual position for me, a little more defensive. After all, the Premier is a league that takes you to the limit, both physically and technically. I think I have improved a lot.

Sabia new in the Selection

It is not the result of chance. It is what we have been generating for a long time. There are many young people but they have immediate returns. They bring us freshness and that suits us very well.

Stay in Madrid

I spoke with Madrid and discussed the option of continuing one more year at Arsenal. He had a clear idea of ​​going back there.

The best midfielders

The heart of this team has always been the midfield. Any national team in the world would like to have these players and even some of those who have been left out of the call.

Play the Euro

To get there you know that you have to have an important role in your team. I found that with Arteta at Arsenal. I decided to stay at Arsenal because I am happy and I can develop my game naturally.

Combine JJ.OO. and Eurocup

Dreaming is free. It is still compatible to do so. We have to go step by step. Have a good season with Arsenal, which is very difficult to come.

Vera Ramos at the Olympic Games.

I always want him on my team. He has always shown his face in difficult moments and in games of course I would like to have him by my side.


What amazes me about him is his physical corpulence and how easy it is to go one-on-one in the Premier, where there are very strong players. It is very difficult to stop. He knows how to get to the bottom line and make good centers.

Tactical instructions

The coaches of the clubs lack time, imagine those of the national teams. It is a very difficult function. The talks have to be very compressed to assimilate it. We emphasize having a good treatment of the ball, being protagonists and arriving with many players in the finishing zone. We see a Spain that is improving, there is a lot of room before reaching the European Championship.