Cayetano Rivera is ironic when talking about his relationship with his brother Fran: “Sometimes you don’t understand him”

Much has been said in recent weeks about the relationship between the children of Carmina Ordóñez y Paquirri after Francisco Rivera criticized Cayetano, calling the bullfighter “clumsy” and “lazy” and ensuring that His “little skill” would be the reason why the bulls catch him.

Some statements that focused on the estrangement that the brothers had been experiencing for some time, and to which the former Eva Gonzalez He tried to remove the irony with a smile and a “we already know what Fran is like.” “I’m not clumsy, but bulls catch and when they catch they hurt,” she concluded. This Monday, both brothers met at the gala tribute to flamenco that was held in Seville within the framework of the Latin Grammys, and, although each one went their own way, there was a certain peace.

Although they avoided posing together at the photocall, and that Fran did not make any comments on his way of bullfighting on this occasion, Cayetano did settle the controversy. He just arrived from his romantic getaway to New York with Maria Cerqueira Gomestalked about what his relationship is like today with his older brother.

“So many things are said that one cannot be aware of everything”he stated to Europa Press, flatly denying the rumors of a bad relationship with Francisco. And, as he revealed, at no time did he take it badly when I called him clumsy and lazy: “From time to time he has those geniuses, let’s say it that way, but he says it out of affection and I have not interpreted it in any way as something bad”.

“It’s nonsense, you don’t have to pay more attention to it, I certainly haven’t given it to him and I have understood it well from the first moment, although sometimes he is not understood,” he said ironically, making it clear that everything is fine with Cayetana Rivera’s father, who is precisely the ‘culprit’ of for Cayetano to attend the event.

“Tana is the one who invited me and that is why I am here tonight. We are all delighted, she is very responsible and we feel very proud of her,” he confessed with a big smile, boasting about the wonderful relationship he has with his niece.