Cayetano Rivera, hospitalized after a new fuck and cervical contusion: “I’m a little sore”

Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez This Friday he was caught in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. On the occasion of the San Isidro fair, Carmina Ordóñez’s son appeared radiant in the arena without knowing what awaited him: a cervical contusion and superficial erosions.

Dragged and trampled by the bull, Cayetano, 47, who his brother Fran says “clumsy and lazy” and that’s why the bulls catch him, he had to go to the plaza infirmary on several occasions and when the bullfight ended he did so too. Once at the hotel where he is staying, the right-hander left him to go to the hospital and he did not do it alone. He adoptive father of Lucía Rivera He changed his clothes after fighting in Las Ventas and, visibly serious, accompanied by three men, revealed that because of the fuck he was going to the hospital “to have a check-up.”

Hours later, he returned to the hotel and explained to the media what happened: “I’m a little sore and tiredI’m going to try to rest a little”, and he left his second afternoon at the San Isidro fair in the air: “We’re going to see how it evolves, but nothing serious at least.” Finally, Rivera explained to us what they’ve made at the medical center where he was treated: “They did an MRI and we ruled out any type of fracture in the cervical spine, so it’s all muscle and wounds.”

The bullfighter arrived at the hospital with a serious and worried expression, accompanied by his agent, Curro Vázquez, and by two other people hours after having fought in the Madrid bullring on an afternoon in which he shared the bill with Roca Rey and Jorge Martínez.

Hours later, Cayetano left the hospital with a visible wound on his scalp and assured the cameras that it was “nothing serious.” As we have learned, he underwent an exhaustive check-up, receiving the corresponding cures.

Much calmer after the doctors’ care, Eva González’s ex-husband returned to the hotel to rest and recover… without yet knowing if he will continue bullfighting these days as planned or, on the contrary, he will remain at rest.