Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, on Genoveva’s absence at the funeral of the Duchess of Alba: “I am very worried about her”

Nine years have passed since the death of the Duchess of Alba and the youngest of his sons has organized a mass in his memory in the church of Cristo de los Gitanos in Seville, where his ashes rest. It is now common for his brothers to neither accompany him nor help him organize it: “I don’t want trouble”, he said this Monday. This Monday’s appointment is also marked by another great absence: that of Genoveva Casanova.

The Duke of Arjona, who already assured Informalia that he found everything that is happening to the mother of his children “a shambles”, has taken advantage of the spotlights at the door of the church to once again stand up for Genoveva: “The savage lynching that is taking place in an absolutely unjust manner is sad and regrettable”, has said. Cayetano has also expressed his concern about the situation that the Mexican woman is going through, who suffered a pulmonary embolism last August: “I am very worried because his health is delicate and he is suffering a lot. I am sorry that he could not be here”. His children, Luis and Amina, are not either: “They are in London, already working, and I am very proud of them.”

The one who does accompany Cayetano without excuses every year at this mass of remembrance for the Duchess of Alba is her widower, Alfonso Diezwho maintains a splendid relationship with the Count of Salvatierra: “It is the least that my mother deserves. She is remembered throughout the country and she has given us so much, among other things the possibility of living off her legacy, and I know I appreciate it every day,” said Cayetano.