Cayetano Martínez de Irujo explodes on television over Genoveva Casanova: “They have dismembered her in a diabolical way”

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He sat down this Tuesday on the set of Public mirrorto, among other things, denounce the “damage” that the information about Genoveva Casanova y Frederick of Denmarknow king, have caused the mother of his children.

The Count of Salvatierra, curiously, has done it from the same set of Antena 3 where they have quite frequently released information about the Mexican woman and Mary Donaldson's husband. In fact, it is one of the sets where they have given the most information about the photos of the Mexican woman and Queen Margaret's son in Madrid and where Luis Pliego, director of Readingsa weekly newspaper that showed the photos.

Regarding the treatment of the media, Cayetano has said from that same set: “That is an issue that will be seen in the courts, they have hurt her and my children, a lot of damage. They are having to suffer a lot with this whole story but “All the complaints and lawsuits are already being processed.”

The father of Luis and Amina has also reiterated all his support for the mother of his children and has explained that his lawyers are completely at her disposal: “She presents them with my lawyers. It is intolerable that people are dismembered unfairly. and diabolical. It will be seen and everyone who has to pay will pay in due time. I will not forgive the damage they have done to her and my children.”

Initially, the rider has sat in the program where Gema López, Pilar Vidal or Laura Fa (former faces of Save me) to show their complaints about the management of the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of Spain in the irrigated fields. She has only done it in front of Susanna Griso, in her interview section, but what she is interested in is what she is interested in and she has ended up talking about the mother of her children. We emphasize, on the same set where the director of the magazine that showed the photos of Genevieve with Queen Margarita's son also frequently intervenes.

Frederick of Denmark was proclaimed king, Frederick X, last Sunday, January 14, following the historic abdication of his mother and the publication of these photos. Genoveva insisted that they were just two friends walking through Madrid. She, according to her version, acted as her host. The then prince traveled to Madrid without security and stayed the night at the Mexican woman's house.