Cayetano Martínez de Irujo distances himself from Genoveva after her photos with Federico from Denmark: “It doesn’t concern me”

Every person in the circle of Genoveva Casanova generates interest after your photos with Frederick of Denmarktogether in Madrid and spending a night in her apartment. Cayetano Martínez de Irujothe father of her twins Luis y Aminahas already spoken about it.

“Honestly, I have nothing to say. This matter does not concern me at all“, said the Count of Salvatierra in a conversation with Week. The rider “doesn’t quite understand” why his opinion on the matter generates interest: “I don’t know why you’re calling me for this,” he says flatly. Despite his words, the two have maintained an excellent relationship since their divorce in 2007, which has been evident on numerous occasions since then. She has also been the director of Institutional Relations of the Casa de Alba Foundation since 2011.

The photos of Genevieve and the Danish prince

There has been no talk of anything else since this Tuesday afternoon the cover of the Mexican woman was published alongside the heir prince to the Danish throne, married to Mary Donaldson since 2004. The photographs of the two walking through El Retiro, in the Corral de la Morería and entering and leaving her house have generated a real media stir.

Genoveva’s reaction came immediately after the photographs began to be taken on television sets. The leading magazine of the former daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba said that everything is very normal and crossed out the scandal involving the heir of the Danish crown of “unexpected controversy.” But the funniest thing was the version in the form of an excuse that Genoveva Casanova facilitated Hola without saying that it was her: the weekly insisted that it was a private trip “organized among university friends” with whom she was going to meet in Spain with a very specific plan.

Ana Rosa Quintana also said about it: “I have spoken with Genoveva, she is overwhelmed and she told me that she has had a relationship with Federico for years and that there is a friendship between them. She has not told me what he was doing here. , for a culinary or cultural visit, but she flatly denies that there is a romantic relationship between her and the heir to the throne of Denmark. She has put it in the hands of her lawyers. She says they are friends who see each other in Madrid.”

Subsequently, Genoveva herself sent a forceful statement: “I flatly deny the claims that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederick and me,” the text begins.

And he completes: “Any statement of this type not only completely lacks the truth but also misrepresents the facts in a malicious manner. This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honor, truth and intimacy”.

The news coincided with the trip of Kings Felipe and Letizia to Denmark, invited by Queen Margaret. As we reported, the Spanish media sent to Copenhagen to cover the state trip claim that there is a lot of unrest in the palace, as they believe that the gossip “has overshadowed the official visit”. His Danish colleagues are very interested in the subject and have already asked Federico and Mary about the photographs of the former with Casanova in Madrid, but they have remained silent in response. The Danish Royal House refrains from giving explanations as it is, according to the institution, “a private matter” of Queen Margaret’s son.