Cayetano Martínez de Irujo defends Queen Letizia against Peñafiel's accusations: “Shameful”

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo sat down this Tuesday in Public mirrorwhere he has defended the mother of his children from the controversy caused by her photos with Frederick of Denmark for Madrid. The Count of Salvatierra has gone further, as he has also charged against the vice president Teresa Ribera Rodríguez (and Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of Spain) for her management regarding irrigated fields; against Pedro Sanchez for his negotiations with Carles Puigdemont; and against Jaime Penafiel for his horrible accusations towards the Queen Letizia.

I find it embarrassingI honestly hate talking about other people's lives… I have enough with mine… And I also think that No one has the right to judge the lives of others. In this case the life of our queen with much more reason. And if we add to that that it is a question from twenty years ago… I have only seen it superficially… It seems something crooked and regrettable to me.”

It must be remembered that in recent days an immense network of support for Felipe VI's wife has emerged on social networks, both from monarchist and republican users. The ugly accusations of Jaime Peñafiel, who was also fired from the newspaper in which he collaborated, generated an avalanche of positive reactions towards the queen. The journalist, who even blamed her for the suicide of her sister Erika with horrible statements that fall under her own weight, crossed the limits of her responsibility and sensitivity.

Regarding the treatment of certain journalists like Peñafiel, Cayetano has also said: “I think Sarda [Crónicas Marcianas] was to blame for that and Here is tomato…That turned the neighborhood patio of healthy gossip into a shame, a putrefaction, a destruction of personal lives and destruction and attack on people's lives.”. The rider told Susanna Griso in Public mirrora program that today has the heart section that most resembles the extinct one Save me con Gema Lopez in front and the legendary director Alberto Diaz handling the baton.

About Pedro Sánchez and King Felipe VI

He has criticized the President of the Government for his negotiations with Carles Puigdemont over the amnesty law: “For me the important thing is that a human being must set limits. A President of the Government has to limit and limit any action, the entire scope. We are on the verge, at the total limit of going over that limit. If they cross that limit, I think it is already an abuse against the Judiciary, which is part of the backbone of this country. “You have to set limits.”

In this sense, he has defended the role of Felipe VI in this whole matter: “The king cannot do anything, he has no direct or indirect powers, he is doing too much (…) Felipe VI is doing very well. The monarchy is fruitful and positive”has valued.

About Carlos Vermut and Luis Rubiales

The son of the Duchess of Alba has also spoken out about other controversies that are the backbone of current events. Regarding the film director, accused of alleged sexual assaults by three women, he has condemned: “I think this man should have gone to a sadomasochism establishment, instead of meeting normal ladies who for one reason or another have sex. I find a character like that and his statements perplexing…”.

About the former president of the RFEF, investigated for his “non-consensual” kiss to the world champion Jennifer Hermosothe rider recalled the war that was open with him: “I created an association of athletes. I created an association with a lot of work and, suddenly, When we started to grow and help the 65 sports that had nothing, this character destroyed the association“.

Thus, he has launched his accusations against the former federation leader: “He could neither buy me, submit me nor dictate to me the rules that he thought I should follow before an association that I had created”. And he has sentenced: “What I have said about this character has been more than fulfilled, the amazing thing is that he became president of the RFEF and that it had to be that unfortunate public event that brought him down with everything he had already done”.