Castellón beats ‘Ponfe’ in the add-on

He Castellon returned to the silver category through the big door with a last-gasp triumph over a Ponferradina who paid dearly for the final mistakes by conceding two consecutive corners.

The Leonese team, who could have flipped Juanto's initial goal (0-1) earlier, but Doncel's goal was annulled, is still immersed in their home weakness, accentuated when they returned from confinement last season.

Very soon came the first great outsider scare after a ball that reached the left to Marc
Mateu. The assistance of the former Numancia player finished it off point-blank Juanto
Ortuño, but the goalkeeper José Antonio Caro guessed the shot, rejected the ball to the ground and Jorge Fernández finished off wide.

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He tried to answer the Ponferradina with a center from Ríos Reina who finished off with a header Kaxe too high. It was a very active first start to the game for both teams.

The same protagonists who in the first action of the game ended up finding a prize for the quarter of an hour: Mateu found the corridor again and the pass again at pleasure was taken advantage of, at the second, by Juanto.

It didn't take long for the local team to equalize the contest, four minutes, after Iván Rodríguez took advantage of a miscalculation of Satrústegui to project himself on the right wing and find Doncel at the penalty spot who, at his pleasure, beat the Castellón door.

In the give-and-take rhythm, the next outstanding action had visiting prominence after Josep
Se he left Saúl and, although heeled, he ended up finishing something off.

Within half an hour, a recovery of Kaxe allowed Yuri enable Doncel who took a left-footed shot to beat Álvaro Campos, although the goal did not go up to the scoreboard due to an illegal position.

There would still be one last action before half-time, in injury time, after a foul on Seine that Marc Mateu launched with great intention, finding his main ally Juanto
Ortuño, which he failed to control in a good position.

The good prospects for the first half faded in the second half marked by wear and tear on both teams due to the strong heat, which substantially slowed down the pace, becoming much slower for both teams.

Muscle injury Alvaro
Fields ended up taking its toll on the visiting goalkeeper who had to leave the pitch, which meant the first changes in both teams, as the visiting coach changed his attack point with Jordi Sánchez on Juanto, while the local modified its scheme by placing Castellano as central, overtaking Saúl and leaving Yuri as the only reference above.

The changes happened, with the Ponferradina risking the maximum with a triple change, already with the game walking between the complacency of some and the impotence of others.

All the monotony was broken in the final bars and in two corner-kick shots by specialist Marc Mateu they ended up unbalancing the shock, when Cubillas finished off the second and bounced off the head of Adrián Lapeña to fool Caro and give a huge victory value to the Levantine team in their return to Second.