Castellón and Albacete conclude their confrontation at the Municipal de Castalia without goals (0-0)

Castellón and Albacete drew 0-0 in the match held this Sunday at the Municipal de Castalia. Castellón entered the game with the intention of overcoming their league points after suffering a 3-0 loss in the previous game against Gimnàstic Tarragona. Regarding the visiting team, Albacete won their last match in the tournament 4-0 at home against At. Sanluqueño. After the result obtained, the team from Castellón was in tenth position, while Albacete, meanwhile, is second at the end of the match.

During the first half neither team managed to score, so the players left the field with the same initial 0-0.

In the second period, both Castellón and Albacete were able to win, but in the end, the points were shared between both teams (0-0).

In the chapter on substitutions, the Castellón players who entered the match were Blesa, César Díaz, Cubillas and Kandoussi replacing Torres, Mario Barco, Koné and Blesa, while the Albacete substitutions were Marc Llinares, Eric Montes, Sergi García, Jordi Sánchez and Boyomo, who came in to replace Kike Márquez, Rubén Martínez, Riki Rodríguez, Fran Álvarez and Emmanuel Attipoe.

The referee showed four yellow cards, two of them to Castellón (Torres and Esquerdo) and two to Albacete (Djetei and Kike Márquez).

With this tie, Castellón was in tenth place in the table with 46 points. For its part, Albacete with this point stayed in second position with 60 points, in playoff place for promotion to Second Division, at the end of the match.

The following day will face Castellón with Linares Deportivo. For its part, Albacete will face Linense.