Castellón added its third victory at the Castalia stadium this Wednesday with a solitary goal from César Díaz that helps the locals to leave the relegation zone momentarily, while activating all the alarms in Zaragoza, which he distances in five points.

The qualifying difficulties did not weigh on either of the two teams, who arrived with the need to add all three points. Both began the game looking for the rival goal, although it was Castellón who would have the clearest chances.

The first opportunity was destroyed by Jair when local striker Jordi Sánchez waited in front of the small area for the assistance of Marc Mateu.

Although it would not take long for the visitor's response to arrive through an intermission by Vigaray on the right wing, but the shot went over the goal of Álvaro Campos.

From this moment Castellón took control of the game and Zaragoza waited behind, although at times the Albinegros managed to close them in their area.

Marc Mateu took the danger with the launch of several corner kicks, as well as with a loose shot that Cristian Álvarez could save.

In the last bars of the first half the most dangerous occasion would arrive with a good cut inside the area by Jordi Sánchez, but his hit with his left leg went to the right of the Zaragoza goal.

The second half started with a Castellón that seemed willing to continue looking for the visiting goal, but would slow down, which balanced the game and gave many minutes of play in the center of the field without either team being able to generate opportunities, although Zaragoza was preparing to gain meters on the local field.

Iván Martínez's team was aware of the importance of getting the three points, although they could not reach Álvaro Campos's area with danger.

The only occasions he would enjoy would be with distant shots from Eguarás, first, and Francho, later, although both would end up outside the Castellón goal.

With the game in no man's land, the two technicians sought to revolutionize their teams, although without success.

Despite this, Castellón would give a hit with a long delivery to the Zaragoza area that the defense cannot clear, which César Díaz took advantage of to sneak into the free space and touch between two defenses just to send the ball to the bottom from Cristian Álvarez's goal and that would give Óscar Cano's team three very important points.

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Castellón: Álvaro Campos; Guillem Jaime, Víctor, Delgado, Satrústegui; Arturo (Gus Ledes, m.91), Rubén (Lapeña, m.91), Sené, Marc Mateu (Fidalgo, m.77); Jordi Sánchez (Zlatanovic, m.66) and Cubillas (César, m.77).

Real Zaragoza: Álvarez; Vigaray, Chavarría (Nieto, m.86), French (Jannick, m.63), Jair Jr, Guitián; Eguarás, Francho, Zapater (Zanimacchia, m.63); Iván Azón (Bermejo, m.72) and Narváez.

Goal: 1-0, m.83: César Díaz, m.83.

Referee: Ocón Arráiz (Riojano Committee). He showed a yellow card to Arturo for Castellón and to Chavarría and Vigaray for Zaragoza.

Incidents: Match played at the Castalia stadium without the presence of the public.