Carvajal: “We tried to get Kroos to stay, but he is very firm with his decisions”


Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal has assured that the German midfielder Toni Kroos, who will retire as a professional after Euro 2024, is “a legend” of the white club and no one can “replace” him, and has confessed that they tried to convince him to that he would stay but that he is “very firm with his decisions.”

“We all know about Toni’s quality and what he has given us all these years. We are sad because we can only enjoy two more games with Real Madrid. But hey, we respect his decision. In the end he is the one who chooses when, how and where, and we support him,” he said during an event in Madrid.

In addition, he described him as “a legend of Real Madrid.” “He came young and I believe that few players can repeat the decade he spent here,” he said. “Yesterday we already knew that he was not going to continue. We knew that he was going to release the statement today. We have to support him and respect him and, above all, throw him a great party at home on Saturday, which he deserves,” he said.

In this sense, he believes that “you cannot replace” someone like Kroos. “There will be people who can approach him, but Toni is unique. In fact, the other day training he gave a lesson through his game. We were all amazed at how good he is and we would like to enjoy him much more time,” he stated. .

Regarding whether someone tried to dissuade him from retiring, the one from Leganés confessed that they had tried. “We try, but it’s complicated. We know what his mentality is like, how firm he is with his decisions. We must respect him, support him and be happy for him, because in the end, if that’s what he wants, we are with him,” he stressed.

He also assured that he will miss “every day” with the German. “Toni is a locker room boy, he is fantastic with all of us, a joker, he has his punctual humor that makes us all laugh. I believe that he has the affection and love of all his teammates,” he concluded.