Carvajal: “I would renew Ancelotti tomorrow”


Real Madrid’s Spanish full-back Dani Carvajal assured this Tuesday that he would “renew Ancelotti tomorrow”, because “few coaches” can “do it better”, although he is aware that the future of coaches is marked by “the results” and in the Real Madrid “if you don’t win,” the first thing that “rolls” is “the coach’s head.”

“In the end the results are what mark the future of the coaches. I would renew him tomorrow, few coaches can do it better than Carlo Ancelotti, and he himself knows that in the end if nothing is won in this club then normally the coach’s head It’s the one that rolls,” he commented in the preview of Real Madrid-Naples in the Champions League this Wednesday (9:00 p.m.).

Carvajal pointed out that this is a requirement of “this locker room and in the greats of Europe” and defended that it is not “a risk to renew him”, taking into account his “work capacity” and “the level he can contribute to the team.”

Furthermore, the full-back acknowledged that Ancelotti is one of the coaches who has “surprised” him the most along with Zidane. “They are the two coaches with whom I have spent the most time and they do not stop reinventing themselves to contribute their experience and analyze all the games and achieve a good performance. It is for me that the club (Ancelotti) was there every year and they wanted him,” he added. about the future of the Italian coach.

Regarding the calendar, Carvajal insisted that it is “very demanding” for “an elite player.” “Today, with the new Club World Cup, we are practically not going to have any summer in which you do not have competition. I agree with the coach, there are too many games and the fact that there are so many injuries is not a coincidence,” he noted about the physical problems, which “a high percentage are due to such demanding and tight schedules.”

“The demand is very high and it is very complicated with so much travel and matches to be at 100% every three days. The players are the ones who have the power to do something, since we are the ones who play but it is difficult to get everyone to agree “, he explained about a possible break led by the footballers.

The Real Madrid captain wanted to settle the issue by explaining that the players are not in favor of “so many games”, in some cases “almost inconsequential”. “Many people talk about how if players don’t want to play as much, they should lower their salaries, and we have never said that we don’t want to. If we pay less on a percentage basis, we will earn less, but what we can’t do is squeeze so much out of the player.” because in the end you don’t see their ‘top’ level,” he said.

Regarding his level this season, Carvajal celebrated being “contributing a lot to the team”, because he is “very good” in terms of “confidence and performance”. “I am a player who measures very little in terms of effort and whenever I am on the field I try to give my maximum. It is not in my head not to give it, but it is true that there are moments in which the body asks me to stop. and you know when you are assuming a possible risk of injury,” he added about his way of dosing himself.

“Naples is a world-class team and the coach has changed, so we expect a more motivated team. The players will want to show the coach that they want to continue playing and play good games. Therefore, we expect a brave Napoli that will try to win to establish itself in the round of 16, even trying to get first place,” he said about Napoli, Real Madrid’s rival this Wednesday.

The one from Leganés will have to ‘dance’ with the “great winger” Georgian Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, so he must be “100% focused.” “Our goal is to finish first in the group and that is what we are going for in tomorrow’s game,” he stated.

Regarding the Brazilian Rodrygo Goes, he pointed out that he knows that at Real Madrid, going three games without scoring makes “criticism begin to rain.” “He has been with us for several years and I am glad that he has taken off that pressure of scoring goals. He always tries to help us as much as possible and when he is on a roll and starts scoring, the team notices it,” he defended.

The full-back also took the opportunity to congratulate Lunin for his performance in the last few games, because “every time he has had to play he has been up to the task.” “He has helped us a lot. Every time he has played he has done very well, let him continue like this because in the end what matters is the team and he is helping us get points,” he praised.

“When there are injuries, opportunities open up for other teammates, players who normally are not having many minutes, and if their moment comes, they have to be prepared. During this period they are going to play great games and will help us be a little closer to goals,” he added about injuries and opportunities for the less common.

The Real Madrid youth player also wanted to highlight the white academy, “the best youth academy in the world and the one that contributes the most players to elite football.” “The losses allow for opportunities for young guys who I see as quite prepared. Whether Nico Paz, Gonzalo, or players like Mario or Manuel Ángel, who are pushing from below, I am sure that in these games they will be able to help the team and show the great quality that they have,” he noted.

Finally, Carvajal analyzed Barça’s situation, “with a foot and a half in the round of 16 of the Champions League and fighting in LaLiga” with “barely four points” behind Real Madrid, co-leader with Girona. “They are a rival for all competitions. We focus on what is our turn, which is to win tomorrow and be first, and if in a few months we have to face them, we will try to give our best and surpass them,” he concluded. .