Carvajal: “I am not saying that Jenni is not a victim, the presumption of innocence must be preserved”


The player of the Spanish team Dani Carvajal assured this Wednesday that “at no time” did he affirm that the soccer player Jenni Hermoso “is not a victim”, emphasizing the “presumption of innocence of all people”, at the same time that he highlighted the treatment ” exceptional” with the already suspended as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales, who believes that he is not “having pleasant moments”

“At no time have I said that (Jenni Hermoso) is not a victim, I say that she has to preserve the presumption of innocence of all people. I have not classified anyone as a victim and guilty. If you are having a bad time, I understand that you have to show solidarity with her, as with anyone. I also don’t think Rubiales is having a pleasant time,” he said at a press conference about Rubiales’ attitude at the celebration of the Women’s World Cup won by Spain, in which the suspended president kissed the player.

Regarding his relationship with Rubiales, Carvajal stated that “it has always been an excellent” and “exceptional” professional treatment. “He has helped us in championships, with families, trips. I’m not the one to clean up, do and undo in the RFEF, I speak for the part that touches me, and I can’t fault him,” he explained.