Cartagena assaults El Toralín with two claws

FC Cartagena went for the game in the second half with a more aggressive approach, looking for the weaknesses of a decimated defense from Bercia to, with two consecutive claws, take a victory that broke the streak of three consecutive wins for the Bercianos.

In this way came the second triumph of the season in Ponferrada for a recently promoted, after Castellón (1-2) in the debut and also Borja Jiménez's team took full revenge on his executioner in the fight for him. promotion two seasons ago.

The first scare was local with a center of Doncel that Pablo Valcarce combed headlong, brushing his shot against the post in a good start to the sportsman start that, little by little, was diluted with a more settled Cartagena that at eleven minutes gave its first warning with a good free-kick from Clavería before which Caro only followed with her eyes.

In an interminable first part, the first unexpected circumstance came with the injury of assistant José Francisco García Lozano -muscle injury- that forced him to be replaced by Alexandre López Vila.

The game cooled down for a few minutes with the stoppage, although the danger in the poisoned centers of Álex Gallar led the danger to Caro's portal that had to be used in a hard shot by De la Bella already in the discount, which was closed with another Dangerous incursion by Curro Sánchez that found the body of Marc Martínez.

After the break, the Cartagena team went for the game, looked for one of its rival's weaknesses, the left wing in an improvised rearguard due to absences and very soon he was able to get ahead on the scoreboard with a header that he took in the line goal Yuri, this time turned into a savior in his area.

An error by Sielva, leaving the ball to Rubén Castro, allowed the rapid counter, leaving the ball on the edge of the area and left-handed José Ángel to place the ball in the square for the 0-1.

With no time to digest, the second came with great assistance from former sportsman Nacho Gil who found Eladi at the penalty spot to execute, leaving a Deportiva who desperately could get into the game, first with a shot from Moussa and then with a possible hand from Elady, whose penalty was disallowed, could have spiced the last minutes.

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SD Ponferradina: Expensive; Paris, Amo, Sielva, Doncel; Erik Morán (Gaspar Panadero, M. 69), Larrea; Curro Sánchez (Moussa, M. 69), Juergen (Viedma, M. 78), Pablo Valcarce (Kaxe, M. 55) and Yuri.

FC Cartagena: Marc Martínez; Simón, Álex Martín, David Andujar, De la Bella; Álex Gallar (Cordero, M. 90), Clavería, José Ángel (Carrasquilla, M. 77), Nacho Gil (Cayarga, M. 69); Rubén Castro and Elady (William, M. 90).

Goals: 0-1 José Ángel (57 '), 0-2 Elady (60')

Referee: Álvaro Moreno Aragón (Madrid Committee). He admonished Pablo Valcarce (M. 29), Paris (M. 89), Amo (M. 91) for the Ponferradina; Simón (m. 50), Andújar (M. 51), Nacho Gil (M. 61), José Ángel (M. 73) for Cartagena.

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the fifth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the El Toralín stadium without an audience.