Carroll, Campazzo and Randolph pull Real Madrid to win a crazy game in Berlin

  • Azerbaijan and Slovenian left at 27 points each
  • For its part, the Argentine distributed 19 assists: record
Photo: Reuters

Real Madrid took forward on Thursday a crazy encounter (97-103) against Alba Berlin on the 24th day of the Euroleague, capable of the best and the most but until finding continuity in the second half to rescue the third win in Europe .

Those of Pablo Laso saved another encounter of uncertainty despite a spectacular first quarter of 41 points. From there, the white team went to the doubts of the moment that goes through to go down 10 to rest (60-50), able to recover the command in time. Randolph (27 points), Carroll (27), Campazzo with record of assists (19) and Tavares intimidating in time were the arguments.

The 10-time European champion continues to go through several tolls to celebrate wins, but finds regular results, to continue in the fight for second place (18-6) of the table with Barça. Madrid seemed to regain its joy in the German parquet, with 41 points, between Randolph and Carroll mostly, with two failed shots and the 'Facu' already very prominent as 'play-maker'.

The recital was not followed by the team of Aíto García Reneses, capable of being the first to take the defense to the game. From the recital, Madrid became cloudy in the second quarter, without triples, although neither the simple trays entered, without rhythm, without defense and only 9 points for the 35 of the premises, which went up 10 to the rest of the hand of Hermannsson and Giedraitis.

Laso managed to clear minds in the locker room and Madrid was more compensated later, while Alba did not follow. Carroll recovered the success and supported the visitors next to a Tavares that distributed caps and saved vital rebounds (71-77). Madrid took a deep breath and entered the last quarter with good income, recovered the success of three and with Deck and Lull also adding (77-90).

Mattisseck and Eriksson kept the local bet to win even the last quarter (26-24), a last exchange to make a Madrid of ups and downs sweat that managed to regain concentration in time. Campazzo, eliminated by fouls, ran out of time to improve the historical record of assists in a Euroleague match, which he will now share with Stefan Jovic's 19 in 2015, and Madrid took a win that always helps confidence.


OUTCOME: ALBA BERLIN, 97 – REAL MADRID, 103. (60-50, at rest).

ALBA BERLIN: Siva (6), Mattisseck (6), Eriksson (12), Sikma (4) and Nnoko (9) – initial quintet–; Hermannsson (10), Thiemann (10), Cavanaugh (9), Mason (7), Giffey (7) and Giedraitis (17).

REAL MADRID: Campazzo (10), Carroll (27), Taylor (13), Randolph (27) and Tavares (3) – initial quintet–; Deck (5), Llull (5), Thompkins (-), Causeur (-), Mickey (9), Laprovittola (-) and Garuba (4).

PARTIALS: 25-41, 35-9, 11-29, 26-24.

REFEREES: Latisevs, Majkic and Obrknezevic. Eliminated by Campazzo fouls.

PAVILION: Mercedes-Benz Arena, 10,457 spectators.