Carreira, another product of the prolific blue-sided quarry

Óscar García was forced to look for an emergency right-back to receive Atlético in Vigo and made use of what is coming in the blue quarry. Sergio Carreira (10-13-2000, Vigo) occupied the right flank of Celta de Vigo, as Kevin and Hugo Mallo were injured. Óscar García had to pull from the quarry, for the fourth time this season. Precisely in that position, that of the right back, the Vigo team has two footballers settled in the first team from A Madroa. Both Hugo Mallo and Kevin and the now-mentioned Carreira, were climbing steps at the base until they reached the first team.

Celtic Shield / Flag

At the club there are many hopes placed on Carreira, who made his debut at just 20 years and four days and left very good feelings. Another case of an attacker converted to a winger, as happened in his day with Jonny at Celta. Carreira completed almost the entire match and had to be replaced due to cramps that made him take the twins' hand on several occasions in the second half. The winger was even on the point of scoring a goal in the 27th minute, when he finished off a cross from Olaza on one of the clearest occasions Celta had. His appearance is one of the few positive notes of the blue slump.

Now it will be necessary to see if the canterano has continuity. Both Kevin and Hugo Mallo will have a difficult time being available for the next game against Levante. The irruption of Carreira can cause a domino effect and lead to the departure of Hugo Mallo. In fact, this summer he was close to leaving. The 29-year-old winger already expressed that wish to the club in a meeting in which he expressed his desire to undertake new professional heights in his career. The financial control of the celestial team is looked at to the millimeter and that departure could, for example, have caused the arrival of another footballer, perhaps the striker who was missing. Hugo Mallo wanted to leave and the members of the club saw him favorably. However, the defender did not bring any offer for that to happen.