Carolina Monje, the former girlfriend of Aless Lequio, celebrates (another) bachelorette party in Formentera

On May 13, 2020, life took away her boyfriend at the time, Aless Lequio. Carolina MonkSome time later, he recovered the illusion with the businessman Alex Lopera. The two have been engaged since the end of 2022 and are getting married in October. This summer, the Catalan designer is celebrating different bachelorette parties.

With a group of fifteen friends, she already celebrated a farewell party in southern Italy a few weeks ago, specifically in the coastal region of Apulia (image below). This weekend, Monje is sharing images of a new celebration on Instagram. This time, she has escaped with her friends to Formentera.

The group of friends has chosen to sail on a boat and enjoy their time together at El Pirata, a well-known restaurant in Camino de Ses Illetes. There, they have surprised the bride with a very special detail, with some giant letters of C&A, the initials of the future husband and wife.

One of her best friends wrote to her on a heart-shaped cardboard: “Happy to have found you, friend. I want to celebrate with you that beautiful love between you and Álex.” In one of the images that she has shared, she poses with a white T-shirt and a skirt of the same color. As the true protagonist of her bachelorette party, she wears a fun crown with a veil and a sash.

Carolina was by Aless Lequio’s side until the last moment of her life. They met when the son of Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio He was already battling Ewing’s sarcoma that he was diagnosed with in 2018. They lived together in the Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid. They adopted Bobby Puchum, the puppy that accompanies Carolina in each of her steps. After the debate that was generated as a result of the arrival of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón to the world, the daughter-granddaughter of Obregón born by surrogacy with the semen of his deceased son, Monje remained in the discreet background and did not even publicly pronounce on the matter.