Carolina Monje signed a document requesting the destruction of Ana Obregón’s son’s sperm

Carolina Monk, the one who was the girlfriend of Alessio Lequio, He is one of the few people who can qualify the testimonies of Ana Obregon about your child’s wishes. There is written evidence that both disagreed when the actress expressed her desire to make the young man a father after her death, and there are also messages directed by Ana against the young woman that are not exactly cordial. Ana knows this and it cannot be ruled out that she seeks a rapprochement with the designer.

That’s whythe presenter tries to iron out the rough edges between the two, in anticipation that Monje explodes and changes a silence that responds to his desire to disappear from the media spotlight by an explosion that puts the dots on the i’s and brings to light his version of what the biologist’s son truly wanted.

The relationship between the actress and the young designer went through very difficult times after the death of the son of Alessandro Lequio, to a point where it has little to do with the supposed cordiality between her and her ‘mother-in-law’, as Ana Obregón herself recently stated through a journalist. “I was very happy for her wedding and for her, who has the right to rebuild her life. We continue to maintain a good relationship,” she came to say, through the mouth of a reporter from socialite.

The actress came out days ago before some comments that pointed out that she had stopped following Carolina Monje on social networks, and that gave rise to suspicions about a bad relationship between the two. We refer to the rumors that arose after the unfollow that the actress did to the designer from her personal Instagram account. Ana, who cannot deny it, justified her action as part of the duel. Obregón said they got along well, but it wasn’t exactly like that: they didn’t get along at all. In fact, it was as a result of that statement that Ana sent a message to her son’s girlfriend, the first in a long time.

Sources close to the designer confirm Informalia what was surprised to see the tone and the message, in which the actress has cordial words and thanks to what was her “daughter-in-law”, and even invites her to meet the little girl. The reasons for this reaction are, as this digital has learned, in the interest of Ana Obregón to stay in tune with Carolina, because she is one of the few people who can dismantle part of the story that she has exposed to the media in recent weeks. .

Document written and signed by Carolina Monje

However, the shock of Carolina Monk It is capital, as we are filtered from her environment, because she knows perfectly what Ana Obregón’s attitude and tone were with her years ago, when Aless died, let alone when she made decisions that were not to the actress’s liking. In fact, we have been able to verify that the biologist sent some very harsh message against Carolina, which we are not going to describe more accurately, but the words used (and written) by Ana Obregón addressed to Monje’s mobile phone implied total contempt for the young woman and his family.

Asked the environment for the reasons for that anger expressed by Ana via mobile against the person her son loved, and to whom she was so close in the most complicated moments of the disease, they explain to us that the one who was Aless’s girlfriend clearly expressed his desire contrary to one paternity post-mortem of the son of Ana Obregón. This reached the ears of the actress, who did not like the position of her former “daughter-in-law” at all. But there is more: a source familiar with what happened at the time assures that Carolina Monje put that desire in black on white in a document, which contradicts Obregón, and that in that document she even stated that she was in favor of destroying the biological samples that they could make Aless a father after his death, as has happened, if, as Ana Obregón says, Ana Sandra is his biological granddaughter.

Carolina Monje rebuilt her life and is engaged to businessman Álex Lopera. Nothing could be further from her intention for media prominence, as evidenced by the fact that she has stayed out of all the controversy. But everything has a limit and, although those around Carolina continue to advise her to stay on the sidelines, they have also opened her eyes to the change in attitude of Ana Obregón, who went from directing rude words at her to little less than inviting her to be a kind of aunt of the newborn girl.