Carmen Otte reacts to Juan Ortega's interview: “His forgiveness is of no use to him”

The bullfighter reappeared this Wednesday to talk about the famous 'espantá' of his wedding on December 2 in Jerez de la Frontera. Fifty-two days after planting Carmen Otte Practically at the altar, the bullfighter insists that it was not an outburst, that they had had problems for a long time and that he could not marry with doubts. The bride's reaction to the statements of her ex-fiancé was immediate: “It's of no use to you.”

The circle closest to the doctor assures that the interview Juan Ortega (which has been granted to Carlos Herrera in Seville) has not caught them by surprise, as they had been warned by mutual friends. They understand that he has broken his silence and are grateful for the kind words he has had towards the entire Otte family and towards the bride herself: “Carmen is a wonderful woman.” To her, precisely, it seems “good” that he has publicly apologized, but they categorically state: “That interview is of no use to Carmen. Public interviews are fine, it is fine to have been elegant and not enter into certain areas that Carmen would not have liked, but it is not worth it”they have said in TardeAR.

The bride's entourage also wanted to deny the rumors about a rapprochement (even a possible reconciliation) between Juan and Carmen, a doubt that the protagonist himself has refused to answer in his interview: “There is no relationship between them, they neither maintain contact nor have they spoken”. They also assure that she is very recovered after the upset and has resumed her work activity: “She doesn't want anything to do with him. She's changed her workplace.”