Carmen Lomana talks about another woman with whom Bertín Osborne had a “very good time”: “I was crazy”

Bertin Osborne returned to the center of pink news after the singer’s statements Annawho claimed to have maintained relations with the ranchera singer, when he was married to Fabiola Martinez. Several days later, Carmen Lomana He has talked about another woman with whom the presenter would have had something more or less serious.

Bertín would have known this woman for quite some time. They lost track of each other during the artist’s marriage to Fabiola, although thanks to Lomana they resumed contact once the presenter was already separated.

“I knew that they had already gone out before. He was crazy, that he wanted to get back with her, that he regretted it, that one day he saw her being with his wife and he regretted it so much… They met in Madrid and then they had a good time one day or two and if I saw you I don’t remember,” the socialite said this Thursday on Susanna Griso’s program.

Bertín’s love life has been in the news for the past few months. First it emerged that she had gotten her pregnant. Gabriela Guillén, with whom he is not currently in a relationship. The Colombian, six months pregnant, reappeared this Wednesday with an interview on Antena 3 and came out in defense of Bertín after the latest scandal: “What is happening is unfair.”

A Chabeli Navarro, for his part, got her pregnant in his new life as a divorced man, although the Sevillian ended up having an abortion, according to her, after a series of conversations with the singer encouraging her to do so. The two have been involved in an intense exchange of statements and statements in recent months that have fueled the controversy.