Carmen Lomana suffers a 'lapse' live and says: “If there was any semen left over I would put it on my face”

Carmen Lomana There was a lapse in the middle of Antena 3's live broadcast when it was thought, or so they say, that they were in advertising. The socialite, who stands out for her elegance, blurted out while they were talking about sexual relations: “If there was any semen left over I would put it in”.

Minutes later, Susanna Griso and Gema López revealed that the collaborator thought they were not live: “I got hot and I was laughing. When I found out it was live… I die of embarrassment“, Carmen clarified, insisting: “We were laughing”.

However, it is true that Lomana frequently stars in outstanding moments in the Antena 3 program for his unfiltered occurrences. Not long ago, in addition, she spoke openly about her vagina: “I'm supermenopausal, but my vagina is phenomenal. It all depends on the person you're with, if you like it, that lubricates well,” she said.

Jorge Javier Vázquez's criticism

The former presenter of Save me y Chinese storieswhich will finally present Survivors 2024 on Telecinco, he spoke precisely about her this Wednesday, but due to the way he spoke about certain characters in the social chronicle, such as Isabel Preysler: “Lomana gets into trouble that does not belong to him. This task should be left to those of us on the other side, but Carmen Lomana's big problem is that she doesn't know which side she is on“.

In this sense, the Badalona communicator added: “He wants to be in both and that cannot be done. Very vulgar controversies accumulate that have nothing to do with a woman like her. Continuously handing out hosts turns her into a cute and flirtatious socialite.“.