Carmen Lomana says that Ortega Cano’s semen is “crappy” and that Corinna “is going to find out what a comb is worth”

carmen lomana He is one of the familiar faces that speaks without mincing words on all social issues. She has been one of the most critical of Corinna Larsen after his podcast was made public and he has confessed to us that he is not afraid of receiving a lawsuit from Juan Carlos I’s ex-lover: “I would love to. He will find out what a comb is worth.”

And it is that Carmen is hurt by how she has defined Spanish society, as if all citizens were economic predators who have no more views than that: “I am interested like all Spaniards because she talks about Spain as if we were a country of savages , that people go with bags down the street with money. He is somewhat right because, what is the name of the one who was mayor? The one from Pantoja”.

Carmen has confessed to us that she is against the union of Esther Doña and Sylvia Córdoba to destroy the image of Santiago Pedraz. And it is that it is not believed that they now get along after having criticized each other in the past: “why? Is it some coven of the ministry of equality?” and adds: “because the judge’s ex-girlfriend has always made Esther Doña slip away. Now you tell me that they are friends, that’s why the world is turned upside down. I’m not interested in that war either, it gives me a laziness that kills me” .

She has also assured us that she tried to be Esther’s friend when she married Carlos Falcó: “I tried to help her and be very affectionate with her when she married Carlos, fundamentally because she was very fond of Carlos”, but there were issues “that I would have I wish they had known.” When asked which version is true about who was the one who introduced whom to the aristocratic world, she replies: “we are going to tell lies, trarárá, like the song. Each one sees and tells what interests him at each moment”.

The socialite does not believe that Victoria Federica and the Infanta Elena are angry: “they will argue as mother and daughter often argue, but what’s up.” On the other hand, she does confirm that she has left her studies to dedicate herself to social networks: “yes, it has come out a little there”.

As we have already heard from him on many occasions, he has taken a stand against Rocío Carrasco and how she is talking about her family: “I don’t like what she is doing at all. She has liquidated the whole family, she has spoken ill of everyone, she has I’ve done a lot of damage and she’ll know what she’s doing because I don’t give a damn”.

We couldn’t leave without asking him what he thought of José Ortega Cano’s speech trying to convince Ana María Aldón to have another child together since ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’: “what am I going to think? It’s all so crappy that it seems such a coarseness.” Without mincing words, Carmen always shows us her most sincere opinion on all current issues in the social chronicle.