Paz Padilla He never mince words and in one of his last speeches he showed it off. The presenter, who now acts as an emotional coach at the Hotal Villapadierna in Marbella, got into trouble once again with her incendiary comments. In her last speech, her mother Anna Ferrer He talked about fears, specifically, about the fear of getting old and he couldn't think of anything other than to charge against Carmen Lomana for his aesthetic operations: “I found her in the Ave and she is so stretched that she can't stretch anymore”Padilla confessed that, in addition, he assured that “He has stretched his face so much that he has to shave right now”.

A comment that did not leave anyone present indifferent, many of them colleagues and friends of the collaborator of The reason, who showed their dissatisfaction with Paz Padilla's words, calling them “rude” and “derogatory.” However, far from rectifying her comment, Padilla continued: “Those blondes who put everything on their lips and look like sausages… You have to know how to age”.

Another comment that those present did not understand either and who wondered about the incoherence in these words from Paz Padilla, after the presenter had undergone surgery to undergo cosmetic operations. What's more, someone commented in a low voice: “But hasn't she had breast surgery?”

As usual, Carmen Lomana has not stood idly by these statements. In the midst of the media storm over her recent conflict with Ágatha Ruiz de la Pradathe businesswoman has expressed her disappointment and absolute anger with the television station: “It's incredible that Paz said this, about whether or not I have surgery. He should have more respect for me, because he asked me for two favors when I was nobody and I did them for him.”Lomana pointed out in a statement for the magazine Weekwhere he has emphasized “the evil of some people and the lack of education they show”.

Not content with the unfortunate words dedicated to Carmen Lomana, Padilla had something for everyone. The one who was the presenter of Save me he blurted out an unfortunate comment about Isabel Preysler: “When Isabel scolds a child she tells them 'I'm going to tell your father'. And then she turns to the other children and says 'yours too, yours and yours too,” Padilla said about her mother. Tamara Falco. Some statements that no one understood since it was an emotional conversation like coach and not a monologue as a comedian.