Carmen Lomana, against the reduction of the working day: “I am a very hard worker and that encourages laziness”

The reduction of the working day to 37.5 hours committed to in the Government agreement announced by PSOE and Sumar occupies the political headlines of the week. Carmen Lomanaaware of everything that is happening today, pink and not pink, has expressed his strong opinion on the matter.

The socialite has not exactly been in favor of this measure that benefits the working class: “All in all, having our payroll sent home at the end of the month is better for our health,” she confessed in Europa FM this Tuesday.

“I am very hard-working, I am working class total (…) Many people who work six days say that they do not produce,” the Antena 3 collaborator also added. Lomana does not believe that by working fewer hours we will be more productive, so from her comfortable position she explodes: “It depends, they have “That rhythm of having a cup of coffee, smoking a cigarette in the street… They waste a lot of time, this encourages laziness rather than performance.”

This Wednesday, on Susanna Griso’s program, Lomana reaffirmed his position and entered into a heated debate with Laura Fa. After the debate, a great uproar has formed on social networks with opinions for all tastes. Carmen has also opened a melon on social networks after another argument that she has had with Pilar Vidal over fatphobia.