Carmen Lomana, against Rodolfo and Daniel Sancho: “They tell me that one of my sons has torn someone to pieces and I don’t even want to see it”

Carmen Lomana is causing something to talk about this Wednesday after being photographed on the beach with an ex-boyfriend of the deceased Marta Chávarri, Antonio Gutierrez Marcet. The socialite has denied that he is her boyfriend. However, Lomana is also making headlines for other statements regarding a hot topic.

This Tuesday he went to the Teatro Real and there he was very forceful regarding the case of Daniel Sancho: “I say what I think. This boy horrifies me, what he has done. It seems cold to me, a lack of empathy… At no time has he said ‘I’m sorry’. It’s typical of psychopathy. He’s as if delighted telling it to the police. Horrible.”

Lomana has also put herself in the complicated situation of her parents, Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchaloalthough with certain nuances: “I would not like to be in the parents’ shoes, but it is not for them to be saying that he is very well, that he is delighted, that he eats well. Hey, no. Shut up and don’t say anything.”

In this sense, Carmen added: “Each person is as they are. They tell me that a son of mine has killed someone and cut him into little pieces and I don’t think he’s done anymore… I don’t even want to see him.”

Sancho Gracia’s grandson also has a pending case in Spain. In fact, the trial for an alleged crime of injuries will take place on November 7. The prosecution has also opposed requesting his extradition so that he can be tried in Spain in this case. The oral hearing, therefore, will be held electronically and the 29-year-old chef will testify via videoconference. Daniel Sancho, who confessed to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta, remains admitted to Koh Samui prison. His father visited him two weeks ago, while his mother remains in Thailand.