Carmen Borrego’s husband, resounding after the interview with José María Almoguera and Paola Olmedo: “Unfortunate”

Carmen Borrego continues to be isolated by the organization Survivors and in unknown whereabouts after his arrival in Madrid while his environment begins to react to the very harsh statements of his son, José María Almogueraand her still daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedo, in the joint exclusive that they have granted to confirm their separation. The last one, of Jose Carlos Bernalthe journalist’s husband, who has stood up for her: “She will explain everything she has to explain because it is regrettable.”

It is unknown if Carmen has been able to see her son’s exclusive and the darts he throws at her, but her husband has described it as “lamentable” the attitude of José María and Paola. Despite his anger, José Carlos prefers to stay out of it and leave the controversy to his wife, who is the expert for that: “I’m not going to say anything really. She’ll explain everything she has to explain.”. Yes, she has stated that Carmen did not know anything about the separation between José María and Paola before going to Survivors: “That is absolutely a lie.”

Furthermore, the businessman has revealed that he has not yet been able to speak with his wife and has also denied rumors that Borrego had agreed to spend only three weeks in Honduras before being repatriated for medical reasons: “Three weeks of what? Really…”he responded strangely.

Alejandra Rubio defends Carmen

Bernal is not the only one who has stood out this Wednesday for Borrego. Her niece, Alejandra Rubio, has been emphatic with the words of her cousin: “The family is there to help each other, not to do these things”, has said. “Look, you know that I have had my fights with Carmen, but she doesn’t deserve it. She has been a very good mother all her life. It makes me very sad and I don’t want to see the moment when she sees this interview.”