Carmen Borrego’s daughter-in-law portrays Terelu’s daughter: “Alejandra Rubio is very stupid and very stretched”

The audio of Paola Olmedo criticizing her mother-in-law that came to light a few hours ago were only the appetizer of the new binge of the Campos. And it is that in addition to ensuring that Carmen Borrego is “haughty” and has a “horrible double chin”, the woman from Jose Maria Almoguera has portrayed Terelu Campos And your daughter, Alexandra Rubio.

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The beautician affirms that Carmen and Terelu are “always arguing” and that “they argue a lot about their daughter, about Alejandra.” She is, of course, the worst stop in this second part of the audios: “Alejandra is a big mouth, she sells to anyone and does not respect her family or anything”. Paula adds: “She’s very stupid and very uptight. You can’t trust any of them, because they throw some knives that you don’t see…”.

The audios, which were heard in Save me, are conversations between Paola, her mother and a friend in which they talk about the new political family of the first. “They are famous, I did not know them but at the wedding there were photographers and all that,” Paola explained. “They have money but not enough to have a yacht, if they had it I would do more for them,” she said with a laugh. In addition, she revealed that both her mother-in-law and her husband’s aunt, Terelu, were “very haughty” and that her mother-in-law “is a painting, she has a double chin…horrible”.