Carmen Borrego talks about Bárbara Rey’s disappointment in Bigote Arrocet: “She was touched”

At the end of 2021, more than one person was left speechless with the rumors that Arrocet Mustache y Barbara Rey They were together after meeting on the set Secret StoryTelecinco reality show where her daughter participated, Sofia Christ, and Edmundo himself. Shortly after, the former star herself spoke in depth about the matter: “I thought that with his age and mine we could have fit in, but no. He is his world, his life… I think that at his age he would have to realize who is worth it and who isn’t,” the Totana actress confessed to Bertin Osborne.

Mustache has been on everyone’s lips since he gave an exclusive just a month after the death of the great Maria Teresa Campos. The matter continues to rage and the Campos sisters, much to their regret, continue to react to his statements.

This Tuesday, on Telecinco, it was recalled during the debate on We’ll see the relationship that the comedian had with Barbara. Carmen, in this regard, has said: “Bárbara was shocked because she didn’t see his behavior well either.”

In recent days, Arrocet has continued talking about Las Campos. Among so many headlines, she put the controversy aside and talked about her British girlfriend, who we still haven’t named: “I’m still with her and I’m very happy. The main problem is that we live thousands of kilometers away.” Despite how consolidated the courtship is, for the moment they are not going any further: “No, we have not thought about a wedding.”