Carmen Borrego suffers an anxiety attack and ends up in the emergency medical service

Complicated afternoon for the little girl from the Campos. Her confrontation with her son and her daughter-in-law after the scandal of the audios and the exclusive of the pregnancy continues to give something to talk about and Carmen Borrego He went to his job this Monday to give the last hour on the situation. However, his nerves have played tricks on him and he has suffered an anxiety attack live.

The daughter of Maria Theresa Fields has left the set Save me and he has gone to the Mediaset medical emergency services, where they have performed an electrocardiogram because his pulse rate was shooting. She is medicated to avoid major scares, she has returned to face the last chapter of the soap opera Campos: the statements of Alexandra Rubio.

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The daughter of Have him He stood up for his aunt last weekend and threw darts at his cousin, an attitude that has only thrown fuel on the fire: “He hasn’t understood. Everything would have been so easy… They’ve caught your wife, You make some statements, everything is clarified. They have set a trap for him, I apologize and it ends. I do not understand the need to do this to Carmen, “he said.

Calmer, Carmen thanked her niece for her defense and has revealed that he has resumed contact with his son: “There are things that should not be talked about hotly. I am not telling any fairy tale.” With her daughter-in-law, at the moment, nothing at all.