Carmen Borrego reveals new details about María Teresa Campos' inheritance: “Not a single discussion”

Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos They haven't started the year in the best way. The sisters said goodbye to their mother, Maria Teresa Campos, last September, and since then they have had to face the harsh reality. In the midst of their grieving stage, and as often happens, they have had to reach agreements to divide their mother's assets. However, this has not been a problem for them. but quite the opposite: it has united them more.

“Not a single argument. For my mother it is very important. It's not here, but you can see it from somewhere. It is one thing not to make a will and another is not to tell your daughters how you want things to be done,” Borrego told Readings, a magazine to which she showed the house inherited from her mother. “Our interest is to preserve it and continue what my mother started,” she said of the home.

However, this Thursday new details of the interview were revealed, in which Borrego revealed what will happen to the journalist's jewelry. According to her, her mother didn't leave them too many accessories, which doesn't worry them. “I'm going to have to continue working all my life. The only difference is that I have a house and I didn't before. “I have never expected him to die to inherit, it seems very ugly to me.”

The television collaborator does not want to provide more details about the distribution of the assets. In fact, the most important thing for her is to act in a way that would make the journalist proud of her. “My mother was super careful until the end. “I have never expected him to die to inherit, it seems very ugly to me.”he explained in his exclusive.

The sisters also agreed to leave some of their mother's belongings in their own home. Somehow, they bring them closer to her. “There are still many things about her here. She is always there. I always have her very close to her, I talk to her whenever I can,” he came to say.